Can You Play Monster Hunter: World Offline? – Answered

Can you jump into Monster Hunter: World without an internet connection?

Monster Hunter: World is a game best enjoyed with friends, but you may be bothered that you’re asked to connect to an online session any time you join the game. Is there any way that you can play the game offline, or is it locked to online play only?

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Can You Play Monster Hunter: World Without An Internet Connection?

When you jump into your character selection screen, you’ll normally be greeted with an Online Session search, with multiple options available to you. You can either search for an online session, create an online session, or join a friend’s session. However, while rudimentary, you can disconnect your console or PC from the internet to enjoy the game without running into this particular menu.

While it may be cumbersome, it’s the only way to avoid running into this particular menu. However, if you’re looking for a pure single-player session while still being online, you can also tweak your settings to ensure that nobody else can join your current Monster Hunting hunt. Just follow these settings when creating an online session:

If you set your upcoming hunt with these settings, you can avoid random players from joining in, leaving it only open to friends. You can tweak it even further and make it so a code is required to join, but that feels like overkill. Otherwise, just make sure that you’re disconnected from the internet before you jump on and you’ll be ready to experience the game in its full glory without having any sort of deterrent.

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