Can You Pet The Cat in Cyberpunk 2077 Version 2.0? – Answered

I know Version 2.0 fixed a lot of things, but can I finally pet Nibbles?

With Cyberpunk 2077 rising from the ashes like a Phoenix with the Version 2.0 update, so many little issues with the base game have finally been fixed. Alongside the launch of a new DLC campaign, you’ll find that there are so many tweaks that have been made to the overarching gameplay that it doesn’t even feel like the same game that it was at launch. However, the most important question we have here is: can you finally interact with Nibbles, the adorable kitty that you find in the alleyway near your apartment, or is she still just a static being in this world?

Can You Pet Nibbles The Cat In Cyberpunk 2077?

If you’ve already found Nibbles and have her living in your laundry basket, you’ll just want to take some time and return to the first apartment complex that you lived in when you first arrived in Night City. You’ll find your faithful friend in this particular location. If you haven’t found her, take a look at the map below to find the location of this apartment complex on your map. She’ll be outside the complex, and you can give her some food to lure her into your home.

Once inside, you may be wondering: can I finally pet Nibbles and give her the love that she deserves? And the answer is yes, you can finally pet the cat in Cyberpunk 2077. To partake in this loving act, you’ll just want to approach her and press the button that appears on your screen. You’ll give this adorable hairless kitty some love and affection, and you can finally rest easy knowing that CD Projekt RED gave us what we’ve all been wanting for years.

Sure, there are countless other fixes and additions to Cyberpunk with the Version 2.0 update, but this is easily the most important piece of information you could ask for. Make sure that you’re checking out our section below to learn more about the game and find out where all the different Johnny parts are located before partaking in this adventure once again.

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