Can You Go Underwater in Starfield? – Answered

No dive zone

Starfield Underwater Exploration

The process of formation of each planet is bound to be different, but it’s impossible that Earth was the only place with vast oceans with thousands of miles hidden beneath the waters, correct? Well, Starfield might make you think twice about that, as things may not be as simple as they appear to be when it comes to underwater exploration in this game.

Is There Underwater Exploration in Starfield?

Unfortunately, you cannot go underwater in Starfield. Despite even encountering water as we know it today on certain planets, and even some rivers from time to time, you cannot actually go beneath them to explore what’s hidden deep down there. The game presents a huge galaxy full of possibilities, but diving into the water is not one of them.

Swimming is possible, though. Whenever you see a pool or any similar space with water, you can jump right into it and swim your way through it. Commands are just the same as on the land, but you cannot dive or explore more than a few feet underwater. It’s more of an extra than an actual neat feature, so don’t expect much of it.

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It definitely feels strange that with so many planets, none offers us the chance of diving and finding underwater secrets or even enemies to overcome, but that’s just how it is. Aside from the expected regular planetary exploration, the only seas you can explore is the one made of stars. But that might be a better task for another game.

Don’t expect an official underwater expansion to be here soon, but we can be certain that modders will soon find a way to bring that as a feature in one of those absurdly well-done gameplay mods that we always see for open-world games. The game is still incredibly satisfying to play once you get the hang of it, so you’ll hardly miss diving while you’re at it.

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