Can You Date Mermaids in Coral Island? – Answered

Why pick legs when you can have fins?

If you could date a mermaid, why wouldn’t you? But can you date mermaids in Coral Island?

Can You Date Semeru, Princess Miranjani, or Denali in Coral Island? – Answered

Coral Island is a game with no shortage of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. But with a host of gorgeous mermaids and mermen beneath the sea in the Mermaid Kingdom off Coral Island’s shore, you may wonder if you can date a merperson, too.

You can romance two mermaids and one merman in Coral Island. Eventually.

As of the game’s release, the three eligible merfolk, Semeru, Princess Miranjani, and Denali, are not dateable. In fact, their storylines aren’t even available. But Semeru, Princess Miranjani, and Denali will be available as romance options sometime in 2024, according to the Coral Island roadmap.

Unfortunately, this roadmap doesn’t specify when these three characters will be available to date. Nor do we know whether it will be possible to have children with them. But you can encounter the merfolk as NPCs and explore their kingdom as the game stands.

That said, you can only marry one person at a time on Coral Island. And currently, there is no way to divorce that character. If you’re holding out for a merfolk partner, you may need to hold that engagement ring until 2024. Alternatively, you may need to start a new game if you’ve already committed to someone but can’t resist that fish tail.

The merfolk romance options that are planned are:

Semeru (Merman) – “The lead guard. His unwavering dedication to keeping the realm safe is matched only by his unwavering loyalty and sense of duty. Has a pet lobster, Poseidon.”

Princess Miranjani (Mermaid) – Princess Miranjani lives in the Kingdom with her family. Sweet, kind, with curiosity as boundless as the galaxy. Thinks door knobs are the coolest thing.

Denali (Mermaid) – “A Royal Gatekeeper. She carries on her family’s proud legacy of safeguarding the Kingdom.”

Personally, I ship Semeru with Macy. I think their lobsters would get along.

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