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Bloody spooky.

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Duskull has seen a surge of popularity due to the back-to-back Halloween and Día de Muertos events. The latter even dons Duskull with a gorgeous cempasúchil crown. With Duskull making its ghostly presence known, trainers are wondering whether or not it can be shiny in Pokemon GO.

Is Shiny Duskull in Pokemon GO?

Ghost Pokemon fans will be happy to know that, yes, shiny Duskull can be found in Pokemon GO. In true spooky style, the shiny version of this Ghost-type Pokemon is a ghastly red hue.

Duskull and its evolutions, Dusclops, and Dusknoir, can all be shiny in Pokemon GO. Even better than this is the fact that the cempasúchil crown variant of Duskull that can be obtained during the annual Día de Muertos event can also be found in its shiny variant.

With the regular and the cempasúchil crown variants of Duskull both able to be shiny in-game. This means that to obtain one of each shiny Pokemon, trainers would need to catch six shiny Pokemon in total: three regular Duskull and three cempasúchil crown Duskull.

Where to Find Duskull in Pokemon GO

Ghost Pokemon tend to spawn at a less frequent rate than more common Pokemon types, which can be a bit of a bummer if you’re looking for them specifically. All you can do is be smart about how you go about hunting them! There are a few things to know before locating Duskull in Pokemon GO.

  • If you want to find a Duskull with a cempasúchil crown you need to participate in the annual Día de Muertos event in Pokemon GO.
  • Duskull can be a potential spawn during the annual Pokemon GO Halloween events. The event changes yearly and rotates through Ghost Pokemon, so it’s a good idea to check when information is released!
  • Ghost Pokemon have a boosted chance to spawn during nighttime hours in Pokemon GO.
  • Ghost Pokemon have a boosted chance to spawn when the weather is foggy.

Luckily, Duskull is often linked to Halloween, and its special event costume so far is a recurring theme during the Día de Muertos event. If you are unlucky, you can always try again next year as you continue to hunt this elusive shiny Pokemon. Speaking of shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, have you encountered a Zorua yet?

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