So, there's been a patch today for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While there was news of a bigger update to come later in the week, what's actually been changed by Infinity Ward has been a little different, and includes playlist updates. Here are the Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes as we currently understand them for 7 January.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes - Playlist Update for 7 January

With Season 1 well underway and Activision constantly tweaking the Modern Warfare experience for players, there have been talks of more patches including bugfixes to come. However, the patch that has hit us this week has been a playlist update instead, which has seen the removal of recently introduced modes and maps and their replacement. It currently looks like Modern Warfare's rotating playlist is enjoying a mixed reception from the community, though this might well be something that is smoothed out next season.

We have the full list of changes in the recent update of 7 January and have outlined them below for you. Essentially, they boil down to changes to what's available for Modern Warfare fanatics to enjoy in multiplayer, and this is across all platforms:

Modern Warfare Jan 7 update patch notes

Today's playlist update is now live in Modern Warfare!

  • 1v1 Gunfight (2v2 Gunfight is still available)
  • 5v5 Shipment 24/7 (Replaces Shoot House 24/7)
  • Gun Game (Replaces Grind)

Essentially, we can see that Shipment has officially been brought back, and that Grind is now on its way out after recently replacing Shipment not long ago. Shipment is quite the classic map for the franchise, which we reckon would mean that the community would be pretty jazzed up. However, with Shoot House having recently been a popular place for players to grind, we could see some occasional grumbling happening here. 

Now that you have the extent of the admittedly short Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes straight from Activision's mouth about the playlist update for 7 January, there's not much else left to do aside from jump right into the new content with your mates (or against them). Need a hand with anything else in this game? Check out the tips and tricks that we've put together for you below: