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Call of Duty: Warzone Pillar Glitch – What You Need to Know

by Lucas White

As much as the player base loves the battle royale mode, Warzone, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s just as susceptible to problems as any other living game space. Glitches happen, as we’ve seen demonstrated by the monstrous FAMAS issue. Another glitch causing serious gameplay issues has been making the rounds, this time an exploit involving some of Vardansk Stadium’s architecture. Maybe you want to try it out, or maybe you want to know how to avoid it. Either way, here’s what the situation is.

Warzone Pillar Glitch Guide

As we all know, the super popular Verdansk Stadium location opened up at the start of Warzone and Modern Warfare’s Season 5 update. After blowing the lid off the building (literally), the soldiers wreaking havoc on Verdansk have a whole new space of nooks and crannies, the kind you’d expect to see in an enclosed space meant to house thousands of people at once. Many secrets leading to the next Call of Duty game’s reveal live here too, so players are constantly scrambling to contest the Stadium. Unfortunately, a glitch in a pillar had made one spot in this area a real problem.

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As you can see in the embedded Reddit video, one of the pillars next to a window inside the Stadium has a bit of a wall problem, allowing players to walk inside of it. This lets the player look around themselves in a 360 degree space, and since it overlooks the outside they can shoot well outside of their immediate surroundings. Not only that, but while a player can go inside the pillar, it’s still considered a wall of sorts, so bullets won’t be able to penetrate it. This effectively turns the pillar into an indestructible turret of sorts, depending on what weapon the person inside is using. 

Missing wall hitbox in Stadium. Player is completely hidden and cannot be shot but can shoot outside of pillar 360 degrees from r/CODWarzone

This space can easily be taken advantage of. We don’t recommend being enough of a rude person to make use of exploits like these, especially in such a competitive space. But you’re also going to want to know about this in order to make sure you’re steering as clear as possible from the spot. Nobody wants to be picked off from a spot with zero retaliation opportunities. Hopefully now that people are talking about it more, Infinity Ward will add the pillar to its known issues list.

For now, the only thing you can do about the pillar is avoid it. Perhaps the worst part about this glitch is that Infinity Ward is also still working on the broken FAMAS problem, with no update yet as of this writing. It’s a deadly combination for sure, and no doubt a source of frustration for players right now. But knowing is half the battle, readers, so hopefully this information finds the right homes and helps stave off the pillar menace.

Are you having trouble in Warzone thanks to glitches like these? Or are you one of gaming’s greatest monsters and making use of the exploits yourself? How do you feel about the state of Modern Warfare and Warzone otherwise? Share your thoughts with us over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!