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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 New Maps List

by Lucas White

We’re in yet another season of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And with that in mind, you know there’s a lot of new stuff to dig into. Seasons never really dramatically change the game, but they generally do add things like new weapons to play with, or new maps. So if you’re on the Modern Warfare side instead of Warzone, you can expect some new stomping grounds.

All the New Maps in Modern Warfare Season 6

Thanks to Infinity Ward’s own information dissemination, it’s easy enough to get a hold of all this new information, and even the design intent behind them. This Season, Infinity Ward has released a new map for every “size” of Multiplayer in Modern Warfare. In normal human terms that equates to four new maps. Here they are, what mode they apply to, and what you can expect to deal with.

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This is a new Gunfight map, a train station located in “rural Kastovia.” You can access both the inside and outside of the train station, and incorporating the abandoned trains scattered about the environment is something Infinity Ward specifically draws attention to. Verticality is also another big component here, as every box and passenger car can be climbed on top of. There isn’t any cover up there though, so it’s a calculated risk.


This is a returning map, and it’s being applied to all the 6v6 “Core Modes.” This map was originally a part of the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. A version of Broadcast was included in the Verdansk TV Station, as a sort of teaser for the Multiplayer return. This map is about close encounters in tight spaces, as players have access to nearby office buildings, a balcony, and more tight spots perfect for SMG and Shotgun lovers.

Mialstor Tank Factory 

Another Core Modes map, the Mialstor Tank Factory is included in the 6v6 modes, but also ropes in the 10v10s. This is a large map, and its playable real estate will shift according to the game mode. There are several large and small buildings you can access, including the titular Tank Factory, a warehouse, a workshop, scrapyard, residential area and even a skybridge. This map allows for strategies of all kinds, but the rooftop access means you’ll want to look out for long range play.

Verdansk Riverside

Verdansk is once again showing up on the Modern Warfare Multiplayer side. Originally a part of the Tac Map, this is a wartorn suburban area that’s across the Gorza River, meaning you can see the other Verdansk map, the Verdansk International Airport, on the other side. You’ll also be able to access the northern cliffs that hide the Arklov Peak Military Base. This is a Ground War, meaning there’s a ton of surface area to play with and vehicles included to do so. So whatever strategy you choose, this is going to be a busy battlefield.

Four distinct, new maps have arrived. Some of them are familiar, and others are totally new. Either way, the love has been spread between game modes here, so players will have something new regardless of their favorite modes. For more on Season 6 including new weapons, stay tuned for our further coverage throughout the week.

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