Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 has finally arrived after much anticipation. As players make their way through the new Battle Pass, there will be plenty of rewards to unlock along the way. But let’s be honest, leveling up can be a slow, boring process most of the time. So, how do you level up fast in Modern Warfare Season 4?

How to Level Up Fast in Modern Warfare Season 4

With the new Battle Pass format of most live service games, players are constantly having to grind to level up during the season, only to have to do it again a few months later. Annoying is it may be, leveling up is often the only way to earn the season rewards. So, how do you level up fast in Call of Duty Season 4? 

  • Complete Challenges and Objectives
  • Get Kills 
  • Win Matches
  • Participate in Double XP weekends

I know it sounds cliche, but these really are the best ways to level up your Battle Pass fast in Modern Warfare Season 4. Further, it’s pretty much going to be the best way to quickly increase your level in any season of Call of Duty. Participating in double XP weekends is perhaps one of the easiest ways because you level up twice as fast without any extra effort on your part! However, these special weekends don’t come around all of the time, but when they do, you’ll want to participate. 

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Aside from that, completing the daily and weekly challenges is a sure-fire way to quickly increase your level every day. A lot of the daily challenges can be completed naturally, but some will require a dedicated effort and focus. Of course, individual and overall in-game performance is also going to be a factor, as you probably already know. The more kills you get, the more XP you’ll get at the end of the match, and if you win a match, you’ll get even more XP.

Like most things in life, leveling up fast in Modern Warfare Season 4 won’t come easy. And will require dedicated effort and focus. However, if you stay true to the four things we mentioned above, you should find your level increasing on a regular basis. 

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