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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ghost – What We Know

by Nicholas Barth

The Call of Duty franchise has had a plethora of amazing characters throughout the years. However, Ghost has risen to be one of the favorites among fans thanks to his awesome name and look. Now, fans will be able to experience the badassery of Ghost once again when the popular character is made available in the franchise’s latest entry of Modern Warfare. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ghost

It has been officially confirmed that Ghost will be making his debut as a playable character when Season 2 starts. Players will remember that Season 1 of the first-person shooter brought two new multiplayer Operators for players to use in their virtual battles. These two Operators were Mara and Nikto. This may mean that the mysterious soldier will not be the only new multiplayer character that will be added to the title when Season 2 kicks off. 

 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ghost

Fans of the series will remember the character as Lt. Simon Riley from MW2. Unfortunately, the character was tragically killed by General Shepard in a shocking display of betrayal that left many players sad at the sight of seeing the excellent character killed before their eyes. However, players will now have the opportunity to see Ghost in action by actually playing as him, considering he was not a playable character before. 

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