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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: The Best ISO SMG Loadouts

by Lucas White

Along with the AN-94 assault rifle, the second new Battle Pass weapon in Modern Warfare Season 5 is the ISO SMG. This class of weapon is all about the close range combat situations, and if you get the drop on someone and don’t choke you’re getting the kill. The ISO does have an uphill battle, because weapons like the MP5 are super dominant in Modern Warfare already. That said, the ISO does have a few advantages that make it worth checking out.

Best ISO SMG Loadouts in Modern Warfare

This coolest thing about the ISO is its default barrel, the FSS Nightshade. This has a suppressor built-in, which essentially gives you a bonus attachment slot. The Nightshade does interfere with your ADS a bit, so you will need to compensate for that. We’ve seen the Tac Laser almost universally recommended for the ISO, along with either the Merc Foregrip or Commando Foregrip. Either of those underbarrels will help give you speed and control that you need for the SMG. You’ll also want a Rear Grip and Stock that help with ADS, so the STAC Elite or STAC Vagrant are your best options. Also, the 50 Round Drums is an excellent ammunition choice that will help you get the edge in a standoff.

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For your secondary, you can go one of two routes. If you’re planning on being in folks’ faces the whole time, definitely bring a knife. Combining the close range efficiency of the SMG with the clutch brutality of the knife will get you far, especially in bottlenecks. Alternatively, grabbing something with more of a ranged focus will help you stay more versatile.

As far as perks go, you definitely want to be able to get the drop on people as much as you can, so stealthy ones like Cold Blooded or Ghost are really good. Tracker can also be great for your situational awareness, but Sleight of Hand helps the ISO beat out all the other SMGs in terms of reload speed. Finally, you’ll want Stun for Tactical and Frags for Lethal, as you want to supplement your other choices with the ability to control space.

Have you been rolling with the ISO SMG in Season 5 of Modern Warfare? Have you used it more in one mode than another? Or are you sticking with the safer MP5, or something else? Let us know what you think over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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