Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Guide

Everything you need to know about this intense first person frag fest.

Call of Duty: Ghosts finally arrived, and we spent several hours playing multiplayer, stabbing fools with the combat knife and blasting our adversaries with high-powered rifles. At least we like to tell ourselves that. Let’s face it, not everyone is a CoD master. If you need some help, this Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer guide will transform you into a virtual killing machine.

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Beginner’s Tips

Call of Duty: Ghosts retains some of the core features we’ve come to love from the franchise. To some degree or another, though, we’re all starting fresh. With the addition of new weapons, perks, game modes and maps, each of us must endure a personal learning curve. One of the key traits that helps elite players stay on top of the scoreboard is the ability to evolve alongside the game. Whether you want to be a frequent MVP or just competitive each time out, these beginner’s tips have you covered. 

Play the Campaign 

Call of Duty is obviously very famous for its multiplayer experience. However, longtime fans of the franchise will tell you that it also has some of the best storytelling in the first person shooter genre. For Ghosts, Activision brought in Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan to write the story. Having personally completed the campaign, we can tell you that it definitely lives up to the hype, and already has us wanting more. 

Beyond the enjoyment of great storytelling, playing the campaign is greatly beneficial for new players to the franchise. Fighting your way through endless waves of advancing enemies is a fantastic way to get yourself comfortable with the shooting mechanics. In fact, quite frequently, you’ll find that new features are often introduced during the campaign, allowing you to get some hands-on time before jumping into multiplayer. 

Don’t be a Camper 

One of the advantages that great Call of Duty players have is an in-depth knowledge of the maps. Think of a multiplayer map much like the city or town you live in. It has roads, pathways, buildings and various locations that are traveled much more frequently than others. Multiplayer maps are exactly the same. The more time you spend on a particular map, the more familiar you’ll become with popular tendencies. Perhaps while playing Prison Break, you’ve been sniped from the same location three times. File that in your memory bank, and the next time you’re close by, check for one of those troublesome snipers. 

When we refer to camping, we mean sitting stationary in a single location waiting for a kill. Camping is not defending a strategic position to help your team win. True camping isn’t just annoying to other people in the game, it’s also keeping you from becoming a better player. Sure, if you camp, you might get an easy kill or two, but rest assured that one of those players is coming back to your location seeking revenge. Get up, move around and learn the map. You may get killed a lot in the beginning, but as you get comfortable, you’ll find your score going into the positive more often than not. 

Limit Sprinting 

Yes, it’s always beneficial to move from cover to cover as quickly as possible. If you’re in an open area, by all means sprint to a more secure location. The problem with sprint is, it reduces your readiness to engage in close quarters combat. When you’re moving through areas with ample cover, slow down, raise your weapon and be sure to take a wide approach to corners.  

Of course, it is necessary to move as fast as possible in certain situations. If you absolutely must sprint around a corner or through a doorway, be prepared to melee any waiting opposition with your knife. As an alternate strategy, you can also try the Ready Up perk, which will ready your weapon faster after sprinting. 

Stick to the Perimeter 

Do you want to know one of the main reasons why so many players struggle with their Kill Death Ratio in Call of Duty? Like a moth to a flame, they are attracted to the center of the map, which often has little to no cover. Try watching some of the more veteran CoD players on YouTube, notice how they stick to the perimeter?  

Let’s break it down in a little more detail for you. When you are in the center of the map, not only are there more opposing players near you, but you can be engaged on a 360-degree angle. If you stick to the perimeter of a map, you reduce the danger to a 180-degree angle by using the boundary as cover. One simple adjustment to your game, and you reduce the amount of danger you face by 50 percent. 

Watch Your Reload, Soldier 

Take a moment to think about how many times you’ve been killed while reloading your weapon. That’s because most players have the tendency to reload as soon as they get a kill. Although a reload might be beneficial, more often than not there’s another bad guy waiting around the corner, and you likely just popped up on his radar. 

Try this: when you get a kill, wait a few seconds and make sure there isn’t another opposing player nearby. If you absolutely must reload right away, crouch behind some cover. You can also do yourself a favor by equipping the Sleight of Hand perk, which helps you reload faster.  

This is by far one of the most difficult habits to break. If you always keep it in mind, you will eventually get the hang of it. Trust us, this will reduce your deaths greatly and help you pick up a few extra kills along the way. 

Final Thoughts 

Call of Duty has long been described as twitch shooter. This is partly true, but what many people fail to realize is that strategy and good habits can also make you competitive. However, if you want to be one of the elite players, you can’t simply rely on one tip or trick. You have to put them together as a complete package. Work on our tips individually, but the ultimate goal will be to incorporate them all into your game to make you the best player you can be. 

Advanced Tips

By now, you may have already read our Call of Duty: Ghosts Top 5 Beginners Tips. Well, now that we’ve had a chance to experience the multiplayer in detail, it’s time to kick things up a notch. No matter what your skill or experience level, we’ll help you fine tune your game and move up the scoreboard. 

Primary Weapons & Attachments

Choosing a primary weapon isn’t necessarily an exact science. Like each individual player, weapons have their own unique characteristics. Choosing one that works for you is about lining up your play style with the strengths of your gun. If stealth is more your style, try theHoney Badger, which comes unlocked with the game. It features a built-in Silencer to help keep you off the mini map, and can still be modified with two additional attachments. If you like to be in the thick of the action, give one of the Submachine Guns a go. They won’t be as effective at range, but their Fire Rate and Mobility will give you a leg up in close quarters combat. 

Each of the primary weapons allows for two attachments by default, and three if you equip the Extra Attachment perk, which isn’t really ideal. Most players will burn one of these attachments with their Sight, which means they only have one left. Try sticking to just the iron sights. It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but it allows you to focus on attachments that directly impact the performance of your weapon. 

Let’s take a look at some suggestions. For players that find themselves reloading immediately after getting a kill, try purchasing the Extended Mags attachment. Not only will this cut down on your reloads, but it will also allow you to take down multiple opposing players with one magazine. Lastly, if you’re looking for an attachment that has nothing but upside, try Armor-Piercing. This will give your weapon a boost in Accuracy, Damage and Range. In a game decided by fractions of seconds and one bullet, these two attachments will give you the edge you need. 

Finding the Right Perks 

Sticking with the load out screen, we’re going to turn our attention to perks. Broken down into seven different categories with five perks in each, the possibilities are endless. Much like choosing your primary weapon, choosing your perk is all about playing to your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Each player has a total of eight points they can use towards their perks. Each one is given a point value based on their perceived impact in matches. For example, you could equip eight perks that each carry a point value of one, or you could equip two high-powered perks, each with a point value of four. Let’s have a look at a couple of the standouts from each category. 

The Speed category is all about, well, speed. Whether moving from cover to cover, reloading your weapon or aiming down sight, this is the category to help you get it done quickly. Building on our suggestion to use the Extended Mags, try Sleight of Hand to give you faster reloading, or there’s the always popular Marathon, which in Ghosts gives players unlimited sprint. 

Moving along to the Handling category, there are a couple of options that cannot be ignored. Early in the game, we noticed that we can’t reload while sprinting. Try On the Goto eliminate this and consider pairing it with Quickdraw for faster aiming. As we mentioned, being a game that is decided by the smallest of details, these will definitely give you a leg up. 

Stealth is one of our favorite categories. You see, we have a knife only junkie on our team. Whether you simply want to move without being detected, or absolutely have to stay off the mini map to succeed, we have some options for you here. Dead Silence will allow you to move silently, making you harder to pick up through high quality headsets. Pair this with Off the Grid, and you’ll be immune to SAT COM and radar pings. We’re going out on a limb and predicting the latter will be one of the most popular perks in the game. 

The Awareness category is one of the most unsuspecting of the seven, but features two very powerful options for any player. Scavenger makes its return, allowing you to resupply from dead players. This is one to consider for players aiming for high kill streaks. It is not uncommon to run out of ammo after five or six consecutive kills. If you’ve played a few games of multiplayer, you know that the SAT COM is active almost the entire game. Try theWiretap perk, which will utilize all friendly and enemy SAT COMs on the field. 

Two things that you can count on in Call of Duty is getting shot and blown up. TheResistance category has a couple underrated options in Focus, which not only reduces weapon sway but also keeps you from flinching when shot. All of this amounts to a big boost in your ability to win gunfights. Blast Shield is beneficial for those who prefer to rush into high traffic areas. Increasing your resistance to explosive damage, this perk will reduce your Frag Grenade and I.E.D. related deaths. 

The Equipment category has options that will help build off our previous suggestions and neutralize others. Fully Loaded starts you off with maximum  ammo capacity, which like Scavenger is best suited for the player aiming for the high kill streaks. At the same time, if you’re a perimeter player who likes to target those in the thick of the action, Danger Closeneutralizes Blast Shield by increasing the damage your explosives do. 

Lastly, we come to the appropriately named Elite category. Boasting some of the most attractive perks in the game, these are intended to put you over the top. For those hoping to reach the devastatingly high kill streaks, Hardline is a must. All kill streaks require one less kill, and every two assists counts as a kill. Combine this with the Deadeye perk, which causes consecutive kills to increase the amount of damage dealt, and the Loki kill streak is within your grasp. 

Strike Packages & Killstreaks 

When choosing a Strike Package, one must consider what type of player they are, and what their skill level is. Strike Packages are broken down into the Assault, Support andSpecialist categories. Since Assault is all about killing opposing players, it’s the most popular. However, depending on your style of play and skill level, it may not be the best option. The Assault Strike Package is not persistent, which means that when you die, it resets. If you want to use Juggernaut Maniac, you need 10 consecutive kills. If you die at nine, you’re starting from scratch. 

If you’re an average skilled player (mathematically most of us are), then consider lowering your Assault Strike package to more reasonable kill streaks. Try SAT COM (3 kills) to reveal enemy movement on the mini map. Equip the Guard Dog (5 kills) to watch your back and avenge your death. Finally, try the Trinity Rocket (7 kills) to engage ground targets with remote controlled missiles. What’s the point in having a Strike Package that requires 10 kills if you only earn it once a month? 

Perhaps as a more casual player, you are finding that even the smallest of kill streaks are hard to string together. Head over to the Support Strike Package. This one is persistent, which means that even if you die, the kills stack up. Just be warned that there isn’t a lot in terms of offense here. Support, as the name suggests, is all about being a team player. You still have the very useful SAT COM, but it’s followed by things such as the Ammo Crate to resupply teammates and Ballistic Vests to increase the resistance to damage. If you find that you’re getting 10 kills a game, but not consecutively, this is the perfect Strike Package for you. 

Lastly, for the soldier who wants to maximize his or her individual skills, there’s Specialist. This isn’t a Strike Package at all, but rather an extension to your perks. Although it isn’t persistent, meaning if you die it resets, this can be very useful. Rather than spend five points on Deadeye as one of your actual perks, you can use it as your first kill streak. Once you get two consecutive kills, it will be equipped until you die. Although there are players who will find this useful, it is highly suggested that you stick with Assault and Support to maximize the benefits. 

Suggested Load Out 

To bring all of our information and suggestions full circle, we’re going to outline a few load outs for you to try. Veteran and highly skilled players may already have their own preferences, but for most people who are still finding their way in Ghosts, this will give you a taste of everything. Plan to use these as a starting point and then fine tune it to fit your play style. Some of these suggestions may require you to unlock them as you progress through multiplayer. 

Spec Ops 

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger (Extended Mags/Armor-Piercing) 

Secondary: M9A1 

Lethal: Throwing Knife 

Tactical: Smoke 

Perks: Sleight of Hand (2 points), Off the Grid (3 Points), Wiretap (3 points) 

Strike Package – Assault: SAT COM (3 kills), Guard Dog (5 kills), Trinity Rocket (7 kills) 


Primary Weapon: CBJ-MS (Foregrip/Extended Mags) 

Secondary: MP-443 Grach 

Lethal: Frag Grenade 

Tactical: Concussion 

Perks: Ready Up (1 point), Sleight of Hand (2 points), Marathon (2 points), Quickdraw (3 points) 

Strike Package – Support: SAT COM (4 kills), Ballistic Vests (6 kills), Oracle (14 kills) 

Knife Only 

Primary Weapon: Combat Knife 

Secondary: None (Perk points increased from 8-10) 

Lethal: Throwing Knife 

Tactical: 9-Bang 

Perks: Agility (2 points), Marathon (2 points), Takedown (1 points), Dead Silence (2 points), Off the Grid (3 points)  

Strike Package – Specialist: Wiretap (2 kills), Resilience (4 kills), Ping (6 kills)

Extinction Mode

Call of Duty is a franchise known for its cooperative game modes. From the straight up co-op of Modern Warfare 2 to the introduction of Zombies in Black Ops, these game modes are quickly becoming cult classics. With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision introduced Extinction, a fast-paced, team oriented game that has you facing off against endless waves of aliens. 

Getting Started 

Extinction offers many different options for players to enjoy. If you don’t have any friends online, try jumping into a Public Match, where you’ll be paired with random players from around the world. If you’re feeling particularly brave, hit up a Solo Match and see how you stack up without the benefit of a team. If you’ve never played before, we suggest trying to hook up with some friends. Don’t forget to turn those microphones on. 

Similar to multiplayer, Extinction has players customize their load outs depending on their individual styles of play. When you first start out, there aren’t many options available. You need to jump into the game and get your hands dirty to unlock new classes, weapons and perks. It shouldn’t take too long. In fact, we were able to go from rank one to five in a single game. 

Classes include Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer and Medic. Each of them has their strengths, so you’ll want to choose something that compliments your playing style. While the Weapon Specialist causes 20 percent more bullet damage, the Tank increases your health by 25 percent. If you’re playing with some friends or have a headset for in-game chat, co-ordinate with your teammates to ensure you achieve a good balance. 

Your second choice to make in regards to your load out is your Pistol Type. Once again, you have four choices and it comes down to personal play style. The default P226 is a great option providing medium damage and a large magazine. For those looking for a slightly more belligerent option, try the powerful .44 Magnum. It’s only a six-shooter, but the high caliber round will put advancing aliens down a lot quicker. Of course if you miss, you have less rounds to correct your mistakes. 

Lastly, you have four perks to choose from. These are broken down between Ammo Type,Team Support, Strike Package and Equalizer. This is another area that you’ll want to coordinate with your squad. Depending on the perk, you can supply your team with additional or different types of ammo, explosives, strike packages and even turrets. The more variations you have, the better the firepower you can unleash on the alien scum. 

Lock and Load 

When you get into a game, much like Zombies before it, you’ll be somewhat underwhelmed with the first couple of waves. Do your best to kill as many aliens as possible. Each alien killed will earn you money and increase your rank. Money can be used to buy in-game bonuses such as assault rifles, access to the turrets and even activate electric fences. Don’t go spending foolishly though. You can survive the first waves fairly easily. Save your money for the later rounds when the intensity gets cranked up.  

Extinction is broken down into chapters. Chapter 1 will have you playing Point of Contact. Your goal is to use a drill to destroy hives and make your way to a crater. Think of the drill like a VIP. You need to move the drill from hive to hive, keeping it safe from the advancing aliens. Try hanging out next to the drill in the early rounds. There won’t be too many aliens to deal with, but you’ll ensure you’re in the middle of the action where all the money is. 

Nobody Dies Today 

When you’re in-game and take too much damage, you enter a downed state. You aren’t dead, but you’re only able to crawl around and use your pistol. If you’re alive and your teammate is down, it’s imperative that you revive them quickly. More hands in the fight benefits everyone. However, if you are down, make sure to move as close to teammates as possible, allowing you to get revived much easier. 

Throughout the different waves in Extinction, you’ll score access to equipment such as turrets (for a small fee). Although these have devastating firepower, they also leave you vulnerable to attack from the sides and rear. If you’re planning to jump on a turret, call out for a teammate to cover you. On the other hand, if you see a teammate occupying a turret, return the favor and keep them safe.  

Final Thoughts  

The further you get into Extinction, the more it becomes obvious this is a game mode that puts the emphasis on teamwork first and skill second. Go into each game thinking about how you can help your team. As we’ve mentioned already, having a headset is a huge bonus, as it is with any multiplayer game mode. Call out threats, request assistance or develop a plan. The more you play as one cohesive unit, the easier it will be to climb through the ranks. 

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