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Into the Breach Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

Into the Breach is the newest game from Subset Games, the makers of FTL. It has that trademark difficult, rogue-like gameplay, with a blend of chess. While its simplistic visuals may make the game look innocent it can actually be quite brutal. So before you reset the timeline for the fifth time, try to remember these helpful Into the Breach tips. If you’re just starting out our Into the Breach tips should help you hit the ground running!

For the Colony

Let’s start off with the heavy one. You will be making a myriad of tough decisions during your play throughs and you are not always going to end a mission feeling good. At the beginning you may complete the mission and the bonus objectives without barely getting any damage on your mechs. However, that is going to change fast because of the randomized maps and smart AI.

You’ll often find yourself in a lose/lose situation where you will have to make some tough choices. Do you sacrifice a building to save your artillery mech? Or do you let one of your mechs bite it so you can save your power grid? Unfortunately there is no easy answer here. Sure you should prioritize the health of your power grid since when that hits zero it is game over, but there will be chances during your playthrough to repair it so maybe taking a couple of hits there is better than losing one of your mechs. Again it is all situational. Just try to think two steps ahead and what will be better for you in the long run. 

Run the Clock

Your main objective for most missions if not all is to survive until the timer runs out. That and technically keeping your power grid healthy. Usually only the bonus missions want you to try and take down all the Vek on the map so it is not mandatory. So don’t jump into the fray and risk your mechs to take down a couple of Vek before the time runs out. Sure you might be able to score a couple experience points from that, but that won’t do you much good if your mech dies in the process.

In this vein, instead of trying to kill everything on the field just try to make the enemy waste their turn. At the start of your turn you can see exactly where the Vek will attack, so use this information to plan out your attack. Instead of trying to burn down one enemy try and knock them around so when it is their turn they won’t attack anything.


During your turn after you make a movement and before you attack, don’t forget you have the ability to reset your mech to their original position. This is useful if you moved them to a place you didn’t mean to or when you are second guessing your attack.


At the end of each island you will have a chance to purchase things using the Reputation you have earned. You earn Reputation by completing certain bonus objectives during your play through. You can purchase health for you power grid or useful items for your mechs. I recommend at least getting the Auto Shields as that will help you last longer. Repairing your power grid should only be situational. You can easily repair your power grid by doing certain bonus objectives, but you only have a node or two left I don’t think anyone will blame you for going for the repair.

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