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Bounty Hunter Missions in Red Dead Redemption

by Prima Games Staff

One surefire way to earn money in Red Dead Redemption is to do a little bounty hunting. It can be tough – especially if you face off with a slew of bad guys along the way – but the payoff is certainly worth it. Here are some tips to keep in mind with bounty hunting.

Bounty Hunting in Red Dead Redemption

First off, you’ll need to complete the mission, Political Realities in Armadillo, in order to open up Bounty Hunter missions in the game. It’s simple to begin. Just find Marshall Johnson and he’ll hand it to you when it’s set to go.

Bounties are easy to track down on a map, as you’ll see a skull icon appear. This is your main target, and when you go after him, keep in mind that he’s worth more alive than dead. So, if you get in a shootout with enemies, make sure not to hit this target in a lethal manner. Now, the other bad guys surrounding the target will simply have red dots. Feel free to take them down as you please.

By bringing in a target alive, you’ll earn double the reward rather than if you just killed him, so consider injuring this person with a shot to the arm or leg, then use your lasso to tie him up, calling over your horse and dragging them back to court. Make sure they’re disarmed first.

Protecting Your Bounty in Red Dead Redemption

If you are bringing in your Bounty alive, be prepared for a lot of opposition. Not only will you have to face some baddies in the hideout where the Bounty is located, but you’ll also have to contend with his gang chasing after you as you make your way back.

In these situations, you’ll want to keep some Dead Eye handy. This will let you continue steering your horse as you head towards town, while at the same time locking onto enemies and bringing them down quickly, so they can’t injure you and free their boss. The more you can take down, the better chance you have on collecting a live Bounty.

Good luck, and go get the bad guys!

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