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Bottom Dweller Pickaxe Fortnite – Why Is It Gone?

by Nicholas Barth

The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy Contest is currently underway, as players from across the world are working to prove their fishing skills in the battle royale game to earn some unique rewards. One of these rewards had at first been announced to be the Bottom Dweller pickaxe. However, Epic Games has changed this particular reward to where players are no longer able to get the Bottom Dweller pickaxe from the Fishing Frenzy Contest. 

Bottom Dweller Pickaxe Fortnite

It was announced during the official reveal of the Fishing Frenzy Contest that any player who caught a Mythic Goldfish during the event would receive the Bottom Dweller pickaxe on November 21st. However, Epic Games has since changed the reward to the Bottom Feeder harvesting tool. You can find an image of the new prize for catching the Mythic Goldfish below:

Bottom Dweller Pickaxe Fortnite

Epic Games has not given a public statement regarding why this change occurred for the Fishing Frenzy Contest. There is a possibility that the wording for the prize had been a mistake and this new reward was supposed to be included all along. Unfortunately for those who were looking forward to adding the Dweller pickaxe to their cosmetic item collections, they will no longer be able to do so through the Fishing Frenzy Contest.  

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