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Borderlands 3 Unlimited Golden Keys Glitch

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Borderlands 3, especially after picking it up on the back end of one of our Cyber Monday deals, then you might be wondering how to actually get into the loot part of one of the year’s better looter-shooters. Sure, you can earn it from events or from punching your way through bosses, but what if there was a Borderlands 3 unlimited Golden Keys glitch? Well, luckily, there is, and we’ve got some information about it.

Borderlands 3 Unlimited Golden Keys Glitch

Just a bit of a rundown for those who aren’t familiar with Golden Keys – they’re used to open chests in Sanctuary that will bless Vault Hunters with gear appropriate for your in-game level, including Legendaries. You can get some pretty hefty rewards from these chests, and all you really need to do is make sure that you’re churning out as many keys as you need to get your fill of gear. 

How do you do this? Well, players can do it on any platform, really, as long as they have a USB storage device that they can plug in to their chosen console. If you’re kicking around Pandora on the PlayStation 4, here’s how to make the most of this glitch:

  • Make sure that you’re in the Social tab
  • Enter a SHIFT code where indicated (you can get some using our guide here)
  • Redeem the relevant keys that you’ll have received
  • Make a new backup save for the game by closing the application
  • Navigate to the System Storage options via Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data
  • Select the Copy to USB Storage Device option > Borderlands 3 > Copy User Settings only

Once you’ve completed this process, you can load up your character and redeem those keys that you had before. Once this has been done, quit the game, and then do the reverse of the above process: you’re going to want to go to the Saved Data tab the way you did before, then navigate to Saved Data on USB Storage Device, and select Copy to System Storage when it comes to the User Settings that you saved before onto your USB. 

When you boot up the game again and load your character, you should find that the keys which you had redeemed before still kicking around. On top of that, the loot that you had will be safely in your bags. You just have to keep repeating the second process for as many times as you like to get gear.

Now that you’ve got our rundown of the Borderlands 3 unlimited Golden Keys glitch, feel free to try it out for yourself. Need a hand with anything else to do with Vault Hunting? You can check out the following tips and tricks that we’ve put together: