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Borderlands 3: Takedown at the Guardian Breach Guide

by Andrew Smith

For players who have made it through the main campaign in Borderlands 3, developers have a new challenge for you: Takedown at the Guardian Breach. This free update will allow players and their friends to take on new bosses for a chance at some high-tier rewards. In this guide, we’ll give you a quick rundown of everything to expect in the Borderlands 3 Takedown at the Guardian Breach update.

How to Play the Takedown at the Guardian Breach Update 

The new Borderlands 3 update, Takedown at the Guardian Breach is free to all players who own the base game, but will only be available to those who have beaten the main campaign. Further, players will be able to team-up with friends, or strangers, before they head into battle. The boss fight is designed for four max level Vault Hunters, but the difficulty will scale down if you have a smaller party. So if you don’t have a full party, don’t worry, you’ll still have a fighting chance.

The Takedown at the Guardian Breach event will take place on the planet of Minos Prime. Players will head out to search for a mysterious Guardian signal under the instruction of Sanctuary’s Eridian expert Patricia Tannis. Upon arrival, players will meet a group of rouge Guardians that have taken over the planet and aren’t privy to visitors. Players will have to face off against two different bosses while they fight flying enemies, Guardian warriors, and more in-between.

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Minos Prime is home to a lower gravity than we’re used to, so players will be able to use jump pads to platform across gaps and take down the rogue Guardians. Upon completion, players will receive exclusive legendary weapons, grenade mods, and shields, along with a variety of cosmetics. The Takedown at the Guardian Breach can be completed multiple times on different difficulties for those that want to collect all of the rewards. 

Those that have played Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite will likely be familiar with how the new Borderlands 3 update will work, as it will function the same. Once you’ve completed the Guardian Breach event, you can begin looking forward to the third set of DLC, Bounty of Blood, which is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 25. 

You can check out 15 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming Bounty of Blood DLC in the video below:

When the DLC releases, be sure to check back to our homepage for some guides that will help you through the missions. In the meantime, you can check out some of our other Borderlands 3 guides in the links below: 

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