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Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr Location: Find and Defeat Katagawa Jr

by Ginny Woo

If you’re trying to complete the Borderlands 3 story missions, then you’re going to have to ensure that you finish off the mainline quest called Atlas, At Last. As part of this, you have to tackle one of the game’s many bosses – Katagawa Jr. However, this bad boy isn’t always the easiest to find if you have your mind on something else. Use our Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr location guide to help you get this boss in your sights and to progress in the story. 

Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr Location: Find Katagawa Jr

As part of the Atlas, At Last quest, you’re going to be tasked with taking out forces in the Meridian Metroplex. After managing to find the secret Atlas HQ and getting a Vault Key fragment from Rhys, there’s a number of steps that you have to complete before you find Katagawa Jr. We’ve listed them below for you:

  • Found the secret Atlas HQ in the Meridian Metroplex
  • Rebooted the defense cannons
  • Destroyed Nullhound inhibiting turrets
  • Fended off Maliwan forces
  • Linked up with Rhys
  • Followed Rhys to the rooftop

If it’s Katagawa Jr that you’re looking for, you’ll actually find him after you’ve spoken to Rhys in his hidden office and managed to activate the secret pathway. Follow Rhys to the rooftop of his office, and you’ll immediately trigger the Katagawa Jr fight. Not much hunting required!

Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr Location: Katagawa Jr Boss Strategy

In order to defeat this master of impersonation, you’re going to have to keep your wits about you. However, we would recommend not thrashing about too much. Katagawa Jr will try and overwhelm you with a whole bunch of clones. We know that we usually tell you to take out all the adds that spawn in a boss fight (we especially recommend this in our guide about defeating The Rampager), but this is the one time you can actually focus on the boss.

The name of the game here is to actually distinguish between Katagawa Jr and his clones. Borderlands 3 actually makes this incredibly easy by doing one simple thing to help you tell them apart visually: the clones won’t have an in-game tag. Katagawa Jr has two general attack modes – ranged (sniping you from afar) and melee (his signature katana attacks). He’s a pretty tough one to pin down, so your windows of opportunity to attack before he can reposition are quite limited.

We’ve got some general tips and tricks when it comes to defeating the Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr boss:

  • Keep an eye on the visual indicators: watch out for a cloud of smoke which signals his arrival so you can dodge in time
  • He’ll try and unleash a barrage of melee attacks on you which you can easily avoid by strafing backwards
  • Like most bosses, you have to focus on his shield before you can do any real damage to him
  • Ignore the clones! Focus on the real boy only

With our Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr location guide in hand, finding this boss and taking him down should be a piece of cake even if he puts up a bit of token resistance. The hardest thing is actually really just having the patience to wait out his different attack phases, and being mindful of when he’s transitioning between ranged and melee so that you aren’t caught off-guard by a katana to the face. If you need a hand with anything else in Borderlands 3, maybe the information that we have about the tenth anniversary event will be helpful to you.

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