Borderlands games are known for their exciting intro cinematics, and entry 3 is no different. Players who begin the Borderlands 3 adventure will be treated to an intro cinematic where the character of Marcus gives you the lowdown of everything. However, some players have been looking for a way to skip this cinematic, as it is somewhat lengthy, and you have to watch it every time you create a new character. Fortunately, there is a way some players can skip this particular cinematic. 

Borderlands 3 Skip Intro

Borderlands 3 Skip Intro

PC players can bypass the opening cinematic by heading into the files of the looter-shooter title on their computer. You will need to find the file named MARCUS_INTRO and rename it something else. Renaming the MARCUS_INTRO file will cause it not to play whenever it usually does. Unfortunately, this only works if you are playing Borderlands 3 on PC. Console players cannot manually skip the intro for the game. 

There is always a possibility Gearbox Software could add an option to skip the Borderlands 3 intro cinematic sometime in the future for PC and console players. However, for the time being, heading into the game, files of the title is the only way any player can skip the intro for Borderlands 3. 

None of the other cutscenes in the game can be skipped either. This lack of cutscenes being able to be skipped means players will have to watch all of the cinematics every time they go through the exciting story of the new game. 

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