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Borderlands 3 10-Year Event: Mayhem on Twitch Guide

by Ginny Woo

Sure, while it’s technically Bloody Harvest season in Borderlands 3, that doesn’t mean that Gearbox’s tenth-anniversary celebrations for the series in general are going to be put on hold. With Show Me the Eridium wrapping up, and people mourning Rare Spawn Week, check out what we know about the latest Borderlands 3 10-Year Event: Mayhem on Twitch.

Borderlands 3 10-Year Event: Mayhem on Twitch Guide

So, since we’ve got Halloween festivities taking up the bulk of our time as Vault Hunters, it makes sense that the latest 10-year celebration event is a little more lowkey. There’s no need to go gallivanting around Pandora with a warband this time, nor are you going to be risking it all at the slots unless you absolutely feel like you need to. 

As far as we know, the Mayhem on Twitch event is going to run from October 22 to October 28. It is also meant to give you increased drop rates on Anointed gear for the week. This is incredibly good news for anyone who fancies themselves a collector of weapons. If you send yourself on the weapon grind and manage to roll something with an Anointed perk, you could easily be unstoppable in Pandoran circles.

Those cracking into end-game will be particularly incentivized to get on this particular train. It also looks like the Mayhem modifiers are going to be adjusted as well with regards to overall gameplay and difficulty, but we’ve not yet heard any specifics on the how and the result.

There’s probably going to be a little something extra sprinkled on top of the improved Anointed drop rate, and we’ll likely find out when the event actually kicks off tomorrow. Sure, everyone’s eyes might be on the Bloody Harvest spectacle but the discerning Vault Hunter will want to split their time between this and the spooky festivities. 

Now that you’ve got our Borderlands 3 10-Year event Mayhem on Twitch guide to hand, knowing what to expect when you boot up your game tomorrow should be on the cards. Need help with anything else in Borderlands 3? Check out our guide on picking up the Hyperfocus Legendary shotgun.

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