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Bleeding Edge Characters – All Playable Characters

by Ginny Woo


If you were staying tuned in to the announcements this morning at X019 in London, you’ll definitely not have been able to miss the updates that were coming hot and heavy for Bleeding Edge and its characters. With the official release date being announced for 24 March 2020, you really only have a few months to get the jump on the full roster. Here’s our list of all the playable Bleeding Edge characters that we’re aware of in terms of launch availability.

Bleeding Edge Characters – All Playable Characters

We’ve listed out the playable characters from Bleeding Edge in alphabetical order for you, along with the type of class that they are and a brief description of how they’re going to work in-game.

  • Buttercup: Melee Heavy – she relies on what looks like arsenal of saw blades which allow her to chain enemies and to CC them when she’s not ripping through them with AOE damage abilities. 
  • Cass: Hybrid Assassin – she uses ranged attacks to get the better of her enemies, including darts, and is highly mobile (the more she runs, the faster she gets).
  • Daemon: Melee Assassin – he uses a graffiti blade and shuriken which can slow enemies along with draining their health. He can also put enemies to sleep when he’s stealthed.
  • El Bastardo: Melee Heavy – he uses a machete and has access to shields which are empowered by his auto-attacks. He can also stun enemies and slice and dice them in a whirl of swords.
  • Gizmo: Ranged Assassin – she has a bolt gun which increases its rate of fire as you use it over time, and she throws a gravity bomb which pulls enemies into its field of effect, making her a useful utility pick.
  • Kulev: Ranged Support – Kulev spits acid and he heals allies so long as they’re hanging aroud him. He can summon wards that heal allies and damage enemies in the same breath.
  • Maeve: Ranged Assassin – she’s a bit shocking, quite literally, and sends out energy bolts which can explode or electrocute. She can also become invisible and invulnerable.
  • Makutu: Melee Heavy – he’s a combo class which requires on being smart about swapping stances to either move quicker or to regenerate health. Successfully executing combos makes him more powerful.
  • Miko: Melee Support – Miko can heal more than one ally at a time, and they are also capable of blocking enemy projectiles in combat along with the useful ability to stealth all allies.
  • Nidhogger: Melee Assassin – Nidhogger has a damaging ability that can chain between enemies, and they leave behind lines of fire which inflict status effects on enemies who pass over them.
  • Zero Cool: Ranged Support – Zero Cool can put down the equivalent of a Mei wall to stop enemies from chasing you, and they can also put out a robot which targets enemies automatically. 

These are the playable Bleeding Edge characters who have had their names and their classes confirmed as of X019, and just judging by the sheer variety in abilities alone, it looks like this game is going to be one hell of an experience to balance. We’re definitely excited to hear more! For in-depth coverage on what’s currently known about the roster, check out AllGamers for a more comprehensive run-down on the characters. Like our Xbox event coverage? We’ve got more where that came from:

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