The Winter’s Howl is a powerful Wonder Weapon that you can obtain in the Classified map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In order to gain access and unlock the Winter’s Howl in Classified, you’re going to need to complete a few necessary steps and then gain access to a special area. This article will outline everything you need to do to unlock the Winter’s Howl in Black Ops 4 zombies.

How to Unlock the Winter’s Howl

Before you can officially get started on your quest to obtain the Winter’s Howl, you’re going to need to complete two requirements. First, you’re going to need to turn on the power. Once the power is restored you will need to activate the Pack-A-Punch. With these two requirements met, it’s time to move on to the actual quest steps that you need to complete to get the Winter’s Howl.

In order to unlock the Winter’s Howl, you’re going to need to find four secret codes, which are randomly generated each time you play the map. We’ve outlined the locations of each code and how to find it below.

Main Offices Code

The first code that you’ll want to find is in the Main Offices. First, you’re going to need to look for a Key, which can be found in the lower level of the War Room. Once you get the key, head to the Main Offices and use it on the desk in the middle of the area. Look inside and you should see a four-digit code that you need to write down.

Hallway Code

The next code that you’ll need to write down can be found by heading to the Deserted Hallway. You’re going to need an explosive weapon to continue from here, so grab a revolver or shotgun and toss it in the Pack-A-Punch to get some explosive rounds.

When you have an explosive weapon, head to the Deserted Hallway and look out for the paintings on the wall. You will need to shoot them in the right order. Shoot them from Middle, Left and Right. If you shoot them in the right order—and shoot them quick enough—the nameplate on the bottom will reveal the code you need. Write it down.

Panic Room Code

To grab this code, make your way to the War Room and flip the Defcon switches in the follow order:

  • Switch on the far right from the elevator on the upper level
  • Switch in the Server Room
  • Switch to the left of the elevator on the upper level
  • Switch on the lower level.

With the switches set, the Panic Room should unlock and you can use the teleporter in the War Room to reach the Panic Room. Look for the television screen on your left. Interact with the screen and grab the code that appears on the tv.

South Laboratories Code

The last code that you need to find can be found in the South Laboratories. Look for a window just outside of the Weapons Testing Lab. You should see a keypad to the left of the window. Toss a grenade at the crate inside the window and wait until you hear a noise like a chime. At this point the final code should appear to the right of the window, on the wall.

Input the Codes

With all the codes in hand, it’s time to input them. Head to the lower level of the War Room and interact with the panel on the side. Shoot the numbers here to change them and then press the large red button to actually enter the code. You will have to put the codes in using a specific order, though. Here’s the order:

  • Deserted Hallway
  • Main Offices
  • South Labs
  • Panic Room

With the codes inputted, flip the Defcon switches and then make your way over to Groom Lake—where the Pack-A-Punch is.

Survive 3 Rounds

Once you have inputted all of the codes, you need to stay in Groom Lake for the duration of three waves of zombies. This can be tough to do, so bring lots of ammo and be ready to fight. Once you have survived the three waves a final door will open to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine. Head inside and you’ll find the Winter’s Howl waiting inside of a weapon case on the ground.

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