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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Turn the Power on in Blood of the Dead

by Josh Hawkins

One of the three maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s zombies mode takes players back to the prison from Mob of the Dead, an older zombies map. Blood of the Dead, as the map is called now, is a much larger variance of the original map, featuring some of the same iconic landmarks and fun little quirks. If you want to be able to access every part of the map, you’re going to need to turn on the power in Blood of the Dead. This article will walk you through finding both the power switches in Blood of the Dead, hidden across the island, as well as show you the best way to get there.

How to Turn on the Power in Blood of the Dead

Blood of the Dead is split into two main portions to help you coordinate and navigate the terrain as you deal with endless hordes of zombies. The two portions of the map are broken down into the Lab—which is where you originally spawn in at—and the Prison. Both sections require their own power switches to be activated in order to power everything on the map, so you’ll need to find and activate both of the switches to restore power.

The good news is, you can start working on this pretty early on. Now, it should be noted that if you wish to solve the main Easter eggs in Blood of the Dead, then you’re going to need to turn on the power and get the keys that the Warden drops when you have activated both switches. The first power switch that you’re going to want to go for is located in the Power House, which you can access from the main spawn inside of Richtofen’s Laboratory.

From the lab, head outside to Model Industries. Make your way through this area and into West Grounds. Once you arrive in West Grounds you’re going to need to locate the entrance to the Power House and head inside. The power switch for this section of the map can be found in the left back corner of the Power House.

Finding your way to the second power switch is going to be a bit more difficult. First, you’re going to need to make it out to the prison. From here you’ll need to find your way through Michigan Avenue and over to the Citadel Tunnels. This will eventually lead you to China Alley, where you’ll find the entrance to Building 64. You’ll find the power switch inside of Building 64. Activate it to power up the area.

Now that you’ve learned how to turn the power on in Blood of the Dead, make sure you check out our other Black Ops 4 guides for help with zombies, multiplayer and even the new battle royale mode, Blackout.


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