Players who enjoyed the original Mob of the Dead map for Call of Duty Zombies will probably remember the Hell’s Retriever, a useful Wonder Weapon that replaces the grenade with a boomerang-like tomahawk that can retrieve items from outside the play area. The item makes a return in Blood of the Dead in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and players looking to complete the main Easter egg in the map will want to get their hands on this Wonder Weapon as quickly as possible. Here’s everything you need to know to get the Hell’s Retriever in Blood of the Dead.

How to Get Hell’s Retriever in Blood of the Dead

As we stated above, part of what makes this item so useful is that it works similar to a grenade, however it can also grab items outside of the play area, giving you an easy way to get certain powerups and even required items for pieces of the main Easter egg in Blood of the Dead. Getting your hands on this weapon won’t be easy, though, which is why we’ve outlined all the steps below.

Feed the Cerberus

In order to unlock the Hell’s Retriever Wonder Weapon you’re going to need to find and feed the three Cerberus’ heads that appear in Blood of the Dead. Players have probably noticed the heads of this demonic dog floating around throughout the map (they activate whenever you kill a zombie near them), but here’s where you can find them:

The first Cerberus head can be found in New Industries in the far corner behind a wooden desk. Your characters should comment when it first appears here if you’re nearby.

To find the second Cerberus head make your way up to Cell Block 2nd Floor and look for it floating behind the metal railing.

The final Cerberus head is located in Eagle Plaza, above the windows on the outside of the Warden’s Office.

To feed the Cerberus you’re going to need to kill zombies near the heads. We weren’t able to keep an exact count of how many it takes to feed the heads, so just keep killing them around the three heads until they disappear. Once all three have been fed, it’s time to grab the Hell’s Retriever.

Get the Hell’s Retriever

To get the Hell’s Retriever you’re going to need to make your way over to the Warden’s House or the Showers. Once in either of these locations, look for the grates in the floor that act as teleporters. Keep in mind you will need to restore Power in Blood of the Dead if you want to use the fast travel system.

Hop through the grates to make your way through a hellish tunnel. Along the way you should see the Hell’s Retriever along your path. Be quick and grab it before you pass. As we mentioned above, the Hell’s Retriever will replace your standard grenades with a boomerang-like tomahawk that you can throw at zombies to kill them. It’s also very useful for grabbing items out of your reach—like some of those power-ups that are hidden in the cells in the cell block.

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