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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Get the Hell’s Redeemer

by Josh Hawkins

Like most items and weapons you can get your hands on in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies mode, the Hell’s Retriever—a handy tomahawk that you can throw at things to have them brought back to you—can be upgraded to a more powerful variant. These powerful variants, such as the Hell’s Redeemer, make the weapons even more useful as you dive deeper into your fight for survival. We’ve already shown you what you need to do to get the first version of this weapon, now we’ll go over everything you need to know to get the Hell’s Redeemer in Black Ops 4 zombies.

How to Get the Hell’s Redeemer

The first step to getting the Hell’s Redeemer is to get the Hell’s Retriever. This is a tomahawk that replaces your melee weapon, which you can throw at enemies and at items outside of your normal boundaries. The item will always return to you, bringing whatever items it picks up along with it. Once you have the Hell’s Retriever, the next step is to get your hands on the Spectral Shield.

This is the same shield that you had to build to activate the Pack-A-Punch, and you can find the pieces scattered around the map. Once you have the shield, make your way to the Recreation Yard and start getting kills with the Hell’s Retriever.

Find the Spectral Dog Image

Once you’ve acquired enough kills with the Hell’s Retriever a Spectral Image will spawn in one of six locations. Make sure to check the locations we’ve marked below to see where the Spectral Image is.

  • Look to the right through the cracked wall in the Citadel. This is the same place where the three Cerberus images appear.
  • The next spot to look for the Spectral Image is in the Citadel as well. Look out through the window with the hanging bodies.
  • If it isn’t in either of the spots mentioned above, head over to Eagle Pass and look for the Spectral Image on the wall just above the entrance to the Warden’s Office.
  • The Spectral Image can also be found in the Recreation Yard. Turn left across the bridge in the Rec Yard and look for the Spectral Image on the rocks that line the path to the prison’s entrance.
  • You can also find the Spectral Image in a crack in the ground near a pipe that’s sticking out of the ground. To find this area, head to Eagle Pass and look for the pipe coming out of the ground.
  • Finally, you can spot the Spectral Image by looking at the wall to the right of the catwalk. Turn to the left like you’re going to cross over to the prison’s entrance, and then look for the image on the wall with the Spectral Shield.

Once you have found the Spectral Image, pull out the Hell’s Retriever and toss it at the image. If you do it correctly the item won’t return, and it will be removed from your melee slot. Now it’s time to get the Hell’s Redeemer.

Get the Hell’s Redeemer

After you lose the Hell’s Retriever, wait until you reach the next special round, where only Hell Hounds spawn in. When this happens, head to the Warden’s Office and listen out for footsteps. It helps to have someone with you during this time, running the hounds for the round in circles somewhere else in the map. When you hear the footsteps, look through your Spectral Shield and try to locate the blue Spectral Hound walking around. Follow it until it stops moving, then blast it with your Spectral Blast. This will cause the Hell’s Redeemer to spawn where the original Hell’s Retriever did. Head back through the fast travel point in the Warden’s House to grab it along the way.

Now that you have the Hell’s Redeemer, make sure you check out our other Black Ops 4 guides for more handy information and guides.


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