Bioshock – Best Tips to Keep You Alive

Learn five of the best tips to help you stay on your feet and breathing in the deadly world of Rapture.

Rapture is a dangerous place which means you’re going to need the best tips to stay alive in Bioshock. If you’re going to survive and make it to the end of Bioshock’s story, you’re going to have to be smart, ruthless, and patient. There are a lot of things to keep in mind as you make your way through the danger-filled streets of Rapture’s underwater city, and Big Daddies are going to be one of your greatest threats. This guide will outline several tips that, if followed, will allow you to stay alive and in the fight for a lot longer.

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The first thing we really want to stress is your listening skills. Bioshock is built around providing an extremely immersive experience, which means sound is going to be one of your greatest allies. Many enemies will often talk amongst themselves, or to themselves, which can give you key information about what type of enemy it is and where they are hiding out. Sound is also extremely important for locating Little Sisters and Big Daddies. Trust us, you’ll want to be able to hear those Big Daddies sneaking up behind you. So cut off your gaming playlist, plop on those headphones, and crank the volume up, because listening is extremely important here.


Using your eyes is just as important as using your ears. While many things can be heard in this game, if you want to stay stocked up on ammunition, Eve Hypos, Health kits, and more, you’re going to have to keep your eyes open. This means you’ll want to search high and low in every single room you come across to make sure you don’t miss any of that much needed ammunition. Trust us, you’re going to need a lot of ammunition to make it through all these Big Daddies. While you’re at it, make sure you’re searching garbage cans, drawers, and corpses for items as well. You never know what you’re going to find when you start digging through a dead Splicers pockets.


The third tip we want to focus on is hacking. Not just running around and hacking everything, though. No. We want to focus on a much bigger strategy. As you make your way through the game you will come across an Engineering Tonic that restores both health and Eve when you hack something. If you have this tonic then you can hack machines after losing health and Eve to receive free refills of both items. This is really useful for helping you keep your Plasmids available for use, as well as helping you stay alive in hairy situations.


Stealth is a key component to surviving in the dangerous alleyways and rooms that fill the city of Rapture. Bioshock’s enemy AI must first detect you before it can attack you. This means you can sneak around your foes, and get yourself into a better position before attacking. It is extremely useful for taking on large swaths of enemies, as it will allow you to set traps around the area with a relative bit of safety, so long as you aren’t detected by any Splicers or other enemies.


The last tip we want to hit is saving. Bioshock doesn’t feature built-in save points per se, aside from the start of new levels, so manually saving is going to be very important as you progress through the game. We suggest saving at these points:

  • Before hacking any device.
  • Before entering any rooms.
  • After hacking any device.
  • After clearing enemies out of areas.

Some people might think of saving so often as cheating. That’s really up to you to decide. These are just our suggestions, as sticking to these save times will allow you pretty ample room to make up for any mistakes you might make during new encounters with enemies. We’d also like to add one last save suggestion in here before we go. When you die, try to reload your game at your nearest save point. This will keep you from using Vita Chambers, which cause enemies to respawn and don’t return and first aid kits or Eve Hypos you might have used during the battle.

These are just a few really helpful tips to help you get started in Bioshock when the remastered version hits on September 13. Keep these tips in mind as you head into Rapture for the first time and your experience will be a lot more enjoyable than if you tried to go it alone. Remember to save often, use your eyes, listen for enemies, and use the game’s stealth abilities to your advantage and you’ll be conquering Big Daddies and bringing down the worst of the baddies found inside Rapture in no time.

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