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The Best Weapons in Homefront: The Revolution

by Prima Games Staff

There is no shortage of KPA opposition waiting for you in Homefront: The Revolution. Thankfully you have access to a number of guns that can bring them down for good. Here are some of our favorite weapons in Homefront: The Revolution, many of which you can upgrade with ease. 

Submachine Guns

This is the first Homefront weapon you’ll come across in the game, which you’ll be able to convert from a regular pistol by stopping by Cookie’s shop. It’s a pretty accurate gun that has a decent ammo capacity, although you’ll usually run short if you don’t loot fallen KPA soldiers. Your best bet is to fire it in short bursts so that you can accurately hit your targets and conserve as many bullets as possible. For that matter, you’ll also want to pair it with a Red Dot Sight to improve your accuracy, especially when dealing with distance targets.

The greatest asset to the SMG is its rate of fire, as you can unleash a few shots per second. This is good for bringing down drones quickly, or dealing with nearby enemies.

The Crossbow

This big, lofty gun doesn’t have the greatest rate of fire or ammo capacity, and takes a little while to reload for good measure. However, you can peg enemies with one clean shot, and it’s also handy from a distance, should you want to deal with a sniper quietly or an enemy on patrol without alerting others. It’s also a fairly accurate weapon, so you don’t have to worry too much about missing.

On top of that, you can also fit it with a scope for better accuracy. The holographic scope is probably your best bet considering this gun’s build.


In the mood for a gun that has a little more kick? The Blunderbuss is an awesome Homefront weapon, one that can nail most enemies with a well-timed shot. Its range and accuracy don’t make it an ideal weapon to fire from a distance, but it’s awesome when it comes to taking down a drone with one shot or cleaning house on a couple of enemies that are charging at you. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t hold that many bullets, and it only fires off one burst at a time – so make them count.

Battle Rifle

For those who prefer a more common Homefront weapon to use in the heat of battle, it doesn’t get much better than the Battle Rifle. Once you get the right amount of cash, you can upgrade to this bad boy and deal out a world of hurt on the KPA. Although its ammo capacity and rate of fire are a bit lower than some smaller assault rifles, it has more than enough damage-dealing power to make up for it, along with excellent range and accuracy. It’s great for handling skirmishes both from up close and at a distance, making it a well-rounded weapon when it comes to taking over a safe house or simply surviving the KPA.

Molotov Cocktail

You may not have access to high tech grenades, but the Molotov cocktail in Homefront is the next best thing. You can build these by using supplies found around your home base and safehouses, putting them together on the fly by holding down the right shoulder button on the menu selection. Building them doesn’t take long, and they have a fairly good range once you chuck one into enemy territory. Try to save them for when you really need them, though. If you miss a throw, enemies can easily go around the fire and engage you in combat.


Last but not least, there’s a Homefront weapon that really gets cooking once it’s activated – no, seriously, it cooks enemy soldiers like they were fried bacon. This is a weapon that can be a bit expensive to build, but it’s worth it when you’re cleaning house in close-range battles. You’ll want to keep an eye on its fuel so you’re not left hanging in fights when you’ll need it; its range isn’t exactly the greatest when other foes have assault rifles. Still, when you find yourself facing off against a group of three or four KPA soldiers and need to wipe them out quickly, there’s no better Homefront weapon than this bad boy.


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