The Best Ultimate Abilities In Overwatch

From Hanzo's Dragonstrike to Bastion's Tank Configuration, here's the best in Overwatch's Ultimate Abilities.

Having strong attacks in Blizzard’s frantic multiplayer shooter is helpful, but once you’re charged up enough, you can unleash a devastating ability that will leave several fragged players in its wake! Here are our favorite Overwatch Ultimate Abilities!

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Bastion – Configuration: Tank

Bastion has the great ability of transforming between sentry and robot units over the course of the game. However, once he’s juiced up to 100 percent, you can transform him into a mobile tank unit, capable of firing several explosive rounds for about eight seconds. If you need to clean out an area of enemies in a quick matter of time, he’s the best tool for the job. Just keep in mind that he’s not invulnerable, as he can still take damage as he’s executing his Overwatch Ultimate Ability.

D.Va – Self Destruct and Call Mech

D.Va is one heck of a robot pilot, and she puts her combat skills to good use, with unlimited firepower and a good charging technique. However, she can also utilize her mech to become a suicide machine, setting it up for self-destruct and taking out several foes in its wake. In addition, she can make it dash first, sending it careening like a missile towards an enemy outpost.

In addition to this Overwatch Ultimate Ability, she can also call back a mech once she’s been out of the unit for about a minute or so. It’s your job to keep her alive with her laser blaster until then, so she can hop back in and get ready to do more damage.

Hanzo – Deathstrike

Hanzo is a killer assassin, capable of impaling enemies with distance shots from his bow and arrow. However, once he’s charged to 100 percent, he can unleash the devastating Deathstrike. With this Overwatch Ultimate Ability, he can summon a pair of dragons to fly in a straight line wherever he aims his shot. It’s perfect for taking out enemies that may be blocking a doorway, and can also go through walls, so you can take care of those that may be hiding in cover. Try to save your shots for when they really count, though – you can’t direct the Dragonstrike towards your targets.

Junkrat – RIP-Tire

Junkrat is already a devastating enough character in his own right, capable of blasting many enemies off the map. However, once he’s ready to go with his Overwatch Ultimate Ability, look out. He transforms into a motorized tire bomb that can roll over pretty much everybody for several seconds. It also gets some serious traction, as it can climb over walls and obstacles with ease. However, it’s the final hit that delivers the job, as Junkrat can light the Tire up like a bomb and take out several foes within the blast range. Now that’s an explosive conclusion.

Lucio – Sound Barrier

Lucio is one of the funkiest looking character you’ll come across in Overwatch, but don’t let his looks fool you – he’s quite powerful with his sonar blaster, either shooting from afar or delivering a powerful blow. He can also provide his secondary characters with healing and boost techniques. However, his Overwatch Ultimate Ability is pretty cool on the defensive side of things, as he sends out a shockwave that creates personal shielding for each member on the team. When you’re facing off against an ambush or trying to defend a point on the map, this is incredibly useful.

Reaper – Death Blossom

“Die! Die! Die!” Reaper calls this out whenever he activates his Death Blossom, his Overwatch Ultimate Ability that effectively transforms him into a spinning cannon of death. Your job is to get close enough to enemies that his hits can become effective. Then, when you’re in the right spot, hit the button and watch him spin around and take out everyone within his range. It’s a beautiful and effective technique that can put several frags on the board in seconds.

Soldier 76 – Tactical Visor

Soldier 76 is already enough of a sufficient killing machine throughout the game, but once you set up his Overwatch Ultimate Ability, he becomes even more accurate with his shots. He activates a Tactical Visor that locks on to most enemies within his range, and provided the player has a full clip of ammo, he can take out several within just a few seconds’ time. He’s still vulnerable while this is happening, but he’s quick on the draw enough to acquire a few kills in the process. This is good for clearing out tight corridors when you’re trying to move a payload, or keep it from pushing forward if you’re on the other side. 

Widowmaker – Infra-Sight

Finally, we have to give a nod to Widowmaker and her awesome Overwatch Ultimate Ability, which acts as an enemy tracking system that stays activated for several seconds. Once she turns it on, not only is she able to track foes’ heat signatures on the map, but she also shares this ability with others, allowing the group to quickly formulate a plan of attack based on their position. It’s really cool, especially if you’re trying to gain a few more quick kills.

With these outlined Overwatch Ultimate Abilities – as well as the others included with characters in the game – you’ll be dominating Blizzard’s shooter in no time!

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