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Best Tips for Multiplayer in Deathloop

by Jesse Vitelli

Multiplayer is a huge part of Deathloop. Players will be able to invade friend’s and randoms games as Julianna Blake to cause havoc and try to kill the player Colt. Here are some of the best tips for multiplayer in Deathloop.

Best Tips for Multiplayer in Deathloop

Play It Slow

Julianna only has one life as opposed to Colt who has three. When you’re invading you don’t know if the other player has used any of their three lives yet, so you have to play slow and smart. Luckily you have the element of surprise since Colt doesn’t know where you are on the map.

So we recommend you hide in the shadows and wait for Colt to either mess up, or show up near you so you can get the drop on him. No use in rushing into a situation, let the enemies on the map do some of the dirty work.

Try To Figure Out What Colt’s Goal Is

You’ll load into a random map at a random time of day. Knowing what the other player is trying to accomplish is key. Knowing where the visionaries on the map are at any given time of day is a huge advantage for Julianna to have. Knowledge is everything.

For instance, if it’s evening in Updaam, you can surmise that the player is probably going to try and take out Aleksis at the party. This gives you a good reference for where to set up your traps. Completing the single-player is a great way to learn what the other Colt might be up to. 

Keep Colt At Range

Juliana gets the Sepulchra Breteria Sniper Rifle fairly early on and it’s great for simply sitting back and waiting for Colt to come to you. Stay hidden and wait for Colt to reveal himself and try to take him out at a good range. Getting into a close-range fight is incredibly dangerous since Colt could have some really powerful trinkets on to make him a walking tank. 

If All Else Fails, Camp The Radio Antenna 

It’s not the noblest way to hunt down Colt, but one huge advantage Julianna has from the jump is that the player Colt must hack the Radio Antenna in order to escape the map. This gives you a place that Colt must go to at some point in the match. 

You can use your trip mines or proximity charges to keep Colt at bay long enough to get the kill. You might have to wait a while before Colt shows up, but it’s at least a good failsafe strategy if you’re having trouble finding your prey. 

Use Julianna’s Masquerade Ability

Julianna’s signature slab allows her to mask herself as a random NPC and that NPC becomes her. This is great for confusing the player Colt or even making them think you aren’t about to rip into them with your shotgun.

If you’re looking for a way to blend in so you can make your move at the right time, Masquerade is an excellent option you should be taking advantage of whenever you can. 

Well, those are the best tips for playing multiplayer in Deathloop. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our Facebook and Twitter pages.