Best Stamina Recipes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Some of the best stamina boosters you can make

Best Stamina Recipes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Too weak to scramble up those walls? Here are the best recipes for Stamina Boost in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Recipes for Stamina Boost in Tears of the Kingdom

Well, this ain’t your Dark Souls stamina bar. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link will only utilize the green stamina meter when he runs, swims, glides, or climbs cliffs. Tears of the Kingdom frequently forces you to pick between health and stamina upgrades—and statistically, most players choose one additional heart container.


You can get more stamina by completing shrines in TOTK. You’ll receive Lights of Blessings every time you do, which you can then exchange at any Goddess Statue you come across. It costs four Lights of Blessing to upgrade either stamina or health by one.

Though stamina is crucial, as you will frequently discover during the game when you plummet down from the cliff you were attempting to ascend or from the sky when your Glider simply stops operating mid-flight. Even though your stamina meter is small, there are ways to quickly recover it by eating food that replenishes stamina.

Here are some of the best stamina-replenishing recipes in TOTK; as you will notice, they are either high-energy critters or mushrooms and fish with names that suggest that they have a stamina-boosting effect—the trick, of course, is to prepare them properly.

The stamina recipes below are ranked in order of effectiveness, with the best being listed first.

  1. Energizing Seafood Skewer: Bright Eyed Crabs x 5 (Will give three Stamina rings + 10 hearts).
  2. Enduring Fried Wild Greens: Endura Carrots x 5 (The best stamina recipe, temporarily adds two additional Stamina rings).
  3. Energizing Mushroom Skewer: Stamella Mushrooms x 5.
  4. Energizing Fish Skewer: Staminoka Bass x 2 (Two will give two Stamina rings refills, cook more for better effect).
  5. Energizing Steamed Mushrooms: Stamella Mushrooms x 1.
  6. Energizing Elixir: Restless Crickets or Energetic Rhino Beetles, any Monster Part x 1.
  7. Enduring Elixir: Tireless Frogs, any Monster Part x 1 (This one will temporarily expand your max Stamina).

So there you have it; grab those ingredients and cook yourself some stamina-boosting foods—they will make your adventures in Hyrule a lot easier.

How to Find Stamina Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom

To make the best Stamina recipes in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to purchase, catch, and forage quite a few ingredients. Here’s a cheat sheet for all the best stamina ingredients.

  • Bright Eyed Crabs: Found in the Zora’s Domain, beneath the city.
  • Endura Carrots: Can be found on Satori Mountain beneath the Cherry Blossom Tree, in the Moblin Camp, and near Rutile Lake. You can also grow Endura Carrots in Uma’s Garden in Hateno Village after completing the quest “Teach Me a Lesson II”.
  • Stamella Mushrooms: Can be found near Lanayru Great Spring, West Necluda, Fort Hateno, Bubinga Forest, and Upland Zorana.
  • Staminoka Bass: Can be found wherever you find Hyrule Bass. They’re most commonly found in Hyrule Field lakes and West Necluda. Prefers moderate temperature areas.
  • Restless Crickets: Can be found in Hyrule Field or in East Necluda. Can also be purchased from a Traveling Merchant at Gerudo Canyon Stable or from Beedle.
  • Tireless Frogs: Can be found in cave streams and rivers. Most commonly found in Hyrule Field and Zora River. Can be purchased from Beedle.

Running out of stamina in TOTK sucks big time. You’re gonna need a lot of ingredients to craft stamina potions for the long haul in this game. Check out our guide on how to get restless crickets in Tears of the Kingdom.

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