Best Ritualist Build in Remnant 2

The wizard of destruction.

Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Gameplay
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Given the potential power of the newest Remnant 2 Archetype, you may be wondering how you can squeeze out as much potential as possible. Here’s the best Ritualist build in Remnant 2.

The Best Ritualist Gear in Remnant 2

We will start with the core aspects of this Ritualist build, then work our way down from there. I’ll also try to explain my reasoning for each choice, so you know where I’m coming from. With that covered, let’s start.

Ritualist Skill

Between the three skill options we have available, we will select Miasma. The status effects this skill applies will help us benefit through a few critical pieces of gear we’ll choose later. Eruption isn’t bad for this build, though it isn’t quite as helpful. Meanwhile, Deathwish doesn’t complement the build at all. It’s also precarious, so not much reason to pick it unless you’re very confident in yourself (or have a particular Relic you want to use).

Weapon Choices

The weapon choices here are flexible to an extent. The only one that wouldn’t be is the Ritualist Scythe since that helps do a ton more damage after we’ve applied an array of Status Effects to enemies. As for a Long Gun, though, we’re looking for a weapon with a free mod slot, high magazine size, and fast fire rate. The Bonesaw is a classic for this purpose, but you can use anything you enjoy that fits that set. You can also use another weapon with a preset Mod, but we’ll lose out on a potential source of Status Effects.

No matter which Long Gun you choose, we want to attach the Firestorm Mod to apply Burning to as many targets as possible. We also want the Twisting Wounds Mutator to at least level 10. This will increase the weapon’s damage to enemies that are Bleeding while simultaneously applying Bleeding on any Weakspot/Critical hits.

For your Handgun, the same rules still apply. I love the Double Barrel because of that Doom fan in me, but if you have another weapon with a free Mod slot that you like more, use that. We want to use the Voltaic Rondure Mod since it can apply Shock damage and makes for a good entry into any fight. We can also use the Maelstrom Mutator since it’ll increase the weapon’s Elemental Damage for every Elemental Status Effect on the target. Since we’re applying Burning and Shock, that’s 10% free damage.

Amulet and Rings

Moving over to trinkets, we’ll want to run the Ravager’s Mark amulet. Since we’ll be applying so much Bleeding using our Long Gun, this 20% damage bonus may as well be free. Alongside that, we’ll want the following rings:

  • Feedback Loop: Perfect Dodge triggers a 3m AOE blast that deals Shock Damage and applies Overloaded.
  • Stone of Malevolence: Elemental damage generates 15% additional Mod Power.
  • Shadow of Misery: Increases Status Effect Damage by 15%.

The reason for each of these rings should be fairly simple. Feedback Loop provides another fairly easy way of applying Shock damage. Stone of Malevolence lets us apply both Burning and Shock more often, and Shadow of Misery is free damage period.

You’re probably wondering why I only picked three rings instead of four. That’s because the fourth is more a wildcard that you can use to join all the above or provide a bonus that elevates you elsewhere. I use the Blood Tinged Ring here since it’ll give some free Health Regeneration on top of all that Bleeding, but feel free to use whatever works best for you.


The Relic you choose for this build will come down entirely to personal preference. There’s no great option here that compliments the Ritualist perfectly. However, the same can’t be said for the Relic Fragments, which can help a bit. For the Ritualist, I like going with Mod Damage, Casting Speed, and Elemental Damage. Arguments could be made for Mod Cost and Mod Duration, but I prefer Mod Damage personally.


While that’s technically all of the build, there’s also how you should play to keep in mind. For most engagements, you’ll want to use the Firestorm Mod from the Long Gun first to group enemies up and apply Burning, then use the Hand Gun’s Voltaic Rondure Mod to apply Shock to all of them. From there, head in and activate Miasma, then pull out the Long Gun and reapply Bleeding as much as possible. You can also use the Ritualist Scythe to take advantage of all those debuffs.

That’s the full build! It’ll take a bit of getting used to, as with the Ritualist itself, but it’s a neat playstyle to hinder whatever targets you’re fighting immensely. With the skills of the Ritualist also applying some extra Negative Status Effects, you should be doing tons of Status Effect Damage. If you’re looking to get that Ritualist Scythe I mentioned earlier, check out our guide on how to get the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2.

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