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The Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

by Bryan Dawson

This guide covers some of the best and most useful tips and tricks for Pokemon Go. By now you’ve probably been playing Pokemon Go for several weeks, so you have a basic understanding of how the game works. However, with this advanced tips you may be able to increase your skills even more and take the game to the next level.

With patches scheduled to be released roughly every two weeks, it’s important to learn everything about the current state of Pokemon Go now before things begin to change and evolve. These helpful tips will give you a broader understanding of how to get the most out of your Pokemon Go play time.

Use Incense While Walking

We’ve covered Incense and Lures and how they attract more Pokemon to you or PokeStops respectively. However, what a lot of Pokemon Trainers don’t realize is that the spawn rate for Pokemon while Incense is active actually increases if you’re moving around while using it. If you just stay at home or don’t move around much, you’ll still see an increase in Pokemon spawns, but the increase is much more significant if you stay on the move.

Horde all the PokeCoins

After playing Pokemon Go for several weeks you will have quite a large number of Pokemon. You’ve probably given plenty of them to the Professor, but what do you do with all the rest? Save your strongest Pokemon for fighting gyms held by opposing teams, and make sure you have a variety of different types so you’re ready for any Pokemon battles that come your way.

The best use of the extra Pokemon is to place them in friendly gyms. Whether they’re training or defending the gym, you’re getting a lot more use out of these Pokemon. If you have them defending a gym, you’ll be earning more PokeCoins every 21 hours. This is very important when you need to use those PokeCoins to purchase Poke Balls and other valuable items from PokeStops.

Lucky Egg Benefits

One of the best ways to gain XP quickly is by using Lucky Eggs. These items double your XP gain for a 30 minute period. However, a lot of Trainers are missing out on valuable XP by using Lucky Eggs and then not making the most of the double XP period. Save up your Candy so that you can perform multiple evolutions in rapid succession. Once you’re ready, activate a Lucky Egg, then perform all available evolutions to see huge XP gain for your troubles.

Catch Pokemon Easier

We recommended you turn off Augmented Reality (AR) to conserve battery life. However, it also helps when catching Pokemon. When you hit the switch in the upper right corner of the screen, the Pokemon will remain centered which makes it easier to catch. Combine this with Razz Berries and the upgraded Poke Balls and you will find it much easier to catch some of the rare Pokemon in the game.

As always, stay tuned to Prima Games for more tips and tricks in Pokemon Go!

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