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Best Order to Play Mass Effect 2’s DLC

by Juno Stump

Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes nearly everything released for all three games outside of the third game’s multiplayer and one DLC pack from the first game, so it’s easy to get lost in the best way to play through it.

It was a little easier to make sense of it all when it first released since it had to be downloaded but now it’s just all in the game. There are a few downloadable packs that can be done whenever; some packs don’t even really feel separate or extra from the main game.

But there are also a few that should be done at more specific times for the best experience on both the gameplay and story sides. 

Best Order to Play Mass Effect 2’s DLC

I would recommend starting on the content included with Zaeed – The Price of Revenge and Kasumi – Stolen Memory as soon as you can. These missions give you new characters for your squad almost immediately and the included weapons and missions are great.

The characters join your squad after quick but fun conversations that happen almost as soon as you arrive at two different locations. Kasumi is on the Citadel so you’ll end up getting her first and Zaeed is located on Omega, which you should go to as soon as you’re finished at the Citadel.

Omega includes a lot of great missions and two other amazing squadmates, in addition to Zaeed. I’d also recommend completing the loyalty missions for Zaeed and Kasumi after finishing up at Omega; both missions are lean and feature fun story and gameplay elements.

The missions aren’t super difficult which is another good reason to do them right after Omega. Completing them in the way that benefits the squadmate’s mission also gives you their loyalty, which you’ll need later

Normandy Crash Site is kind of forgettable to be honest. It’s neat story-wise since you’re laying a memorial for the crew that didn’t survive the attack at the beginning of the game but there just isn’t a lot to do.

You collect dog tags and gain some easy experience points but it’s pretty bland overall. You do learn that Navigator Pressly stopped being racist before he died which is cool but there’s just very little to this mission.

It feels better from a role-playing perspective to do it early since Commander Shepard would want to honor their crew as soon as possible. 

Firewalker missions are almost completely vehicle based in their structure but don’t worry, the vehicle is much better than the Mako. Exploring planets was rough in the first game due to the Mako vehicle’s rough handling but this one hovers and can rise really high into the sky.

It also shoots missiles which makes combat a breeze. There are five of these missions and while they’re not super interesting, they can be fun. I recommend doing these early on because they give you resources, which can be used for weapon, ship, and squadmate upgrades.

These missions are definitely more fun than scanning planets, which I can only get through while listening to podcasts. Lair of the Shadow Broker is still one of the best downloadable content packs I’ve ever played. It’s got a great story with exciting combat sections and some thrilling boss battles too.

It provides some amazing bonuses that will help you long after the mission is completed as well. I recommend playing this as soon as it becomes available in-game, which is after the Horizon mission is completed.

I won’t get into spoilers but it features both Shepard and Liara T’Soni and makes gaining money and planet resources much better, which will have a big impact on your experience as a whole. Overlord is a weird one and my recommendation for it is different.

I would absolutely recommend playing it but do it on a day when you’re feeling happy. It has a good story but it deals with some heavy subject matter that wouldn’t feel out of place in an episode of Black Mirror. There is a lot of padding in the beginning and middle of it but it’s worth finishing for the story. 

Arrival is what made me want to write this guide. This is a really good DLC but it should absolutely not be finished until you finish the main game. In fact, I wouldn’t play this until you’re all done playing Mass Effect 2 and about to play Mass Effect 3. If there are any missions you want to do after finishing the main story then do those before playing Arrival.

It connects to Mass Effect 3 perfectly in story content and placement. The DLC ends right as Mass Effect 3 starts and while you can technically do it much earlier, it just doesn’t work as much from a role-playing perspective because of what happens in the story.

Bioware makes it work for earlier play but just trust me, play it last. The opening of Mass Effect 3 also feels a lot heavier and more appropriate if you boot it up right after finishing Arrival. 

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