Best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3

Become a one shot menace

The KATT-AMR is one of the first sniper rifles you’ll have access to MW3, but it’s much better than you might expect. Here’s the best KATT-AMR loadout in MW3.

Best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3

If you like seeing “One Shot, One Kill” pop up on your screen without ever needing to click on a head, then this KATT-AMR loadout is for you. Like all snipers, it suffers from unwieldy handling and a slow reload time. But with this build, we mitigate the negatives and turn the KATT-AMR into one of the fastest snipers in the game.

The Best Attachments for the KATT-AMR in MW3

The attachments we want for the KATT-AMR will all focus around quickly aiming down site (ADS’ing) and reducing the painful reload time. This build prioritizes being able to reposition, but if you want to stay prone or camped out in a sniper’s nest, it works for that too.

  • Laser: FSS OLE-V LASER
  • Underbarrel: CORNERSTONE BIPOD

The heart and soul of a good KATT-AMR build is the Ephemeral Quickbolt and Cornerstone Bipod. The Cornerstone Bipod doesn’t seem like it’d increase ADS, but it does by 13.9%. The Perdition 24” Short Barrel speed likewise increases your ability to ADS, sprint to fire and overall movement speed. Though Tempus Aura Heavy Long Barrel is a fine alternative.

As for the laser site, FSS OLE-V Laser is great for those who reposition frequently and terrible if you intend to stay in one place. Enemies will easily be able to see the laser, giving away your position, but it boosts your handling and aim stability.

You’ll still get plenty of recoil and flinch with this build. But if you can pull up your sites and shoot fast enough, you’re guaranteed to win that 1 v 1.

Best Class and Perks for the MCW in MW3

  • Vest: Gunner or Infantry Vest
  • Gloves: Commando Gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo

The KATT-AMR guarantees fast kills, but you’ll need a safety net. That’s where the Gunner Vest comes in. A steady assault rifle, shotgun, or SMG can help you when you don’t have time to reload, and you’ve got multiple enemies on you.

But if you’re fine with sidearms as your secondary, the Renetti or WSP Stinger are excellent options. The Infantry Vest can also increase your sprint and the Commando Gloves let you reload as you run.

The absolute best boots for the KATT-AMR are the Stalker Boots, which increase strafe but, more importantly, ADS movement speed.

And, finally, the best Gear is the Ghost T/V Camo. UAVs are a constant threat, as they’re so easy to get. But with the Ghost T/V Camo, you’ll remain undetectable so long as you keep moving.

How to Unlock the KATT-AMR in MW3

The KATT-AMR is one of the first sniper rifles available. The moment you start the game, you’ll be able to pick on up and go.

However, to unlock all the attachments listed above, you’ll need to hit at least level 15 with the KATT-AMR and complete several challenges.

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