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Best Genshin Impact Team Comps You Need to Try For Layla

Is nap time over already?

by Jordan Lemons

Out of the peculiar characters we’ve seen in Genshin Impact: Thoma, Shinobu, Candace, and Layla, Layla has more than proven to be a unique and fun character to play. These four characters have been a bit tricky to work into team compositions but Dendro dropped, and now Thoma and Shinobu have found a new lease on life. Keep up with us while we still try to figure out Candace but for now, it’s Layla’s time to shine.

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The Mono Damage Dealer

Although she could still have easily been a catalyst, we can settle for a way to fix that on our own. This team composition is sure to change up your Layla to consistently do Cryo damage like any other DPS Cryo catalyst, thanks to the addition of Chongyun.  Often overlooked except by those with taste, Chongyun has established and is the original good boy of ruining Physical Damage builds. Because Chongyun’s Skill switches characters’ normal attack to Cryo (with the exception of Catalysts) this opens up the possibility of using Layla as a Cryo Catalyst. Or DPS!  

Next, what you are going to need for this team are people who can boost your damage. Yun Jin is a fantastic opera singer and an even better Attack Booster. Setting her up with a good Attack or Energy Recharge weapon and the Husk of Opulent Dreams set to full Defense as the Main Stat, Yun Jin can provide an exponential boost to your team by using her Burst. Your next option can either be Barbara or Sucrose equipped with the special weapon that’s often overlooked, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers; with the Main Stat oh HP percentage, it’s passive boosts Attack for your party everything you have your character present and switched over to your main DPS or next in line support. The main character of this team that is detrimental to just about any Cryo team is Shenhe. Although her run was exceedingly overlooked because of her Support status as a five-star, she is an underrated character. Not only will her Burst decrease the Cryo Resistance inside of the swirling AOE, but once her Spirit Communion Seal Passive is unlocked, it’ll boost other character’s Elemental Skill and Burst by tapping her Spring Spirit Summoning or boost Normal Attack Percentage by 15 percent if you choose to hold her Skill instead. 

The Classic Freeze

For any good Cryo DPS, their best type of party is going to be a Freeze team. Because of Blizzard Strayer’s effects, it can either be used as a mix to boost your Cryo and Attack or the four-piece boost where Frozen opponents will only increase the character’s Crit Rate further. Whether built with all Attack or with Attack, Cryo, and Crit Damage for her artifacts, Layla will do greater damage with the full set of Blizzard Strayer. For Freeze, your main types of characters are going to be Cryo and Hydro. At the same time, you can use an Anemo to Swirl Hydro to consistently apply Hydro to all of your enemies while Layla and an accompanying Cryo dealer continue to Freeze and damage your enemies. Good Hydro applicators aside from Anemo characters who swirl are Xingqui, Barbara, Kokomi, Ayato, and Mona. In comparison, good accompanying Cryo will be Kaeya, Shenhe, Chongyun, and Rosaria. Shenhe and Rosaria will further increase either Elemental Skill and Burst or Attack or Crit Rate given Rosaria’s Burst. Perfect swirling characters will naturally be Sucrose and Kazuha as long as Hydro is used first on enemies so it doesn’t accidentally pick up Cryo.

Frozen Bloom

With Dendro, exceeding the number of Cores that are on the field will explode and attack many enemies but it’s often hard to gather all of them together. You can either combat this by using Anemo to crowd control enemies or Cryo to freeze them in place. If they have nowhere to go, then the Dendro Cores will explode once you utilize your Dendro or Hydro character. Layla’s Burst and her Skill allow her to deal Cryo even while she is off the field. Using Elemental Skills from your other party members will consistently shoot off Layla’s stars to do so as well. Setting up Layla’s shield and Burst, you can trigger a Dendro area such as the Traveler’s Burst that will deal Dendro damage and use a Hydro character that will apply the Dendro Core once the two elements collide. The Traveler and Nahida are the best Dendro applicators that exist in Genshin Impact as of 3.3. The Traveler set up with Electro will quickly deal Dendro in the Traveler’s Burst AOE. Nahida will deal Dendro damage by capturing enemies in her Viewfinder and increasing effects depending on the party members that are in her roster. Next, having a Hydro Catalyst or Candace to apply Hydro will be your best option for continuing to trigger Dendro cores. 

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Got any other fun team comps? Let us know so we can try them out!

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