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Best F1 Manager Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and tricks to help you escape the rat race!

When you think of F1, what comes to mind? Is it the thrill of circling the race track in first place? For most, it’s the high-speed thrills of winning. But for those of us thoroughly enjoying this year’s F1 Manager, it’s more about the excitement that stems from managing the winning team. These F1 Manager tips and tricks for beginners should help you manage on your terms, winning race after race with total control over your drivers, staff, and car!

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F1 Manager Tips for New Players

It’s easy enough to win a race when you’re behind the wheel, entirely in control of the vehicle, but what about when you’re sitting in the manager’s position relaying orders? F1 Manager takes a back-seat approach to racing, and especially for newcomers, it can feel overwhelming to nail down the various systems and mechanics in place.

The following tips and tricks for F1 Manager will help you gain the upper hand and come away with a few wins under your belt!

Improve Driver Confidence

In F1 Manager, it’s not you behind the wheel of a high-speed Formula One vehicle but a driver with their unique personalities, abilities, and confidence levels. The latter is a new mechanic in F1 Manager that requires careful consideration from you, the manager, before a driver can place first consistently.

F1 Manager Track View
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To improve driver confidence:

  • Improve track acclimatization by instructing your driver to run laps around the track, enhancing their overall knowledge of the raceway. A long run will increase the track acclimatization stat faster.
  • Improve their set-up satisfaction through a mini-game that affects the feedback of the vehicle, including oversteering, brake stability, cornering, and traction. You bolster their confidence levels by altering the set-up effects to improve the driver’s preparation.

Research and Development

Like any good management game, F1 Manager features an extensive research and development tree to explore. Here, you can research new vehicle parts to improve performance, including the chassis.

However, the research and development mechanic requires engineers to function. Keep that in mind when allocating funds, starting new projects, and manufacturing parts for your team.

However research is not limited to vehicle components. You can also spend time researching future events and circuits, giving you the upper hand come race day!

Tackle Optional Sponsor Goals

As a race car team manager, your goal is to bring in cash to keep your racers afloat, and a big part of that stems from sponsorship deals. You’ll occasionally receive sponsor goals, which you’ll need to complete to bring in funds and keep sponsors happy. But oftentimes, these very same sponsors provide optional goals for additional funds and bonuses.

You can and should accept these optional sponsor goals for additional payouts. If you fail to complete them, however, they do incur a penalty to your team. But if you’re hurting for cash, optional goals prove an excellent way to bring in the bacon!

Set Drivers to Full Aggression

F1 Manager Race
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Who wins a race can often be determined by the opening seconds at the starting line, so prep your drivers appropriately. We recommend setting your drivers to full aggression before the start of the race, as it allows them to gain the upper hand off the block.

You can set these same settings to push the engine to new heights or employ ERS functionality, which will help place your driver in the lead or, at the very least, in the leading pack.

But there’s a kicker. When it comes to your driver’s settings, putting them into full aggression mode will use more fuel. If the vehicle runs out of fuel mid-race, your race car driver may drop back significantly in the line-up, so keep that in mind when changing between aggressive and balanced states.

Don’t Ignore Tire Performance

Who would have thought that moving at insanely high speeds would wear down the treads on a tire?

As an F1 Manager, you’ll want to consider your team’s tire performance regularly, as tires can drop in performance as they take on wear and tear. If your tires drop to 30% wear or less, performance deteriorates to critical levels. After that, it’s anyone’s game whether that tire pops or not in the next lap.

Undergo Practice Sessions

Before the real race, you’ll have a chance to undergo practice sessions, which help train your drivers and improve their overall performance. A practice session can also help you nail down parts allocation, allowing you to replace engines, ERS units, and gearboxes. Thereby fine-tuning your vehicle further.

Furthermore, undergoing practice sessions can help you unlock additional performance boosts and car parts, which can help you win races.

Pause the Game

The last tip we can offer you is to pause the game. As a management title and not a full-blown racing sim, you have a chance to pause the game and take in the scene. This momentary breather will allow you to create new strategies for upcoming laps, gain insights into your drivers and their vehicles, and take a moment to relax and compose yourself.

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