Best Characters for Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail

Why does it have such a huge name?

The Starhunt Game event in Honkai: Star Rail has a unique Light Cone as its reward, and you shouldn’t sleep on it. Before the Tutorial Mission Starts is a free 4-star Nihility Light Cone obtained after completing the Silver Wolf Companion Mission “Punklorde Mentality”. Advancing through the event’s minigame can net you its Superimpose items too, so it’s basically a free S5 Cone.

And even if it was only S1, it would still be a pretty damn good Cone by itself. Don’t worry if you’re not going for Silver Wolf, she’s not the only one that can take advantage of that. Let’s learn more about this event-exclusive equipment in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail – Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone Overview

Light ConeStatsPathDescription
41 HP, 21 Atk, 15 Def (at Level 1)

952 HP, 476 Atk, 330 Def (at Level 80)
NihilityIncreases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 20% ~ 40%. When the wearer attacks DEF-reduced enemies, regenerates 4 ~8 Energy.

This Cone is all about giving Nihility characters, which are all about debuffs, more Ultimate spam potential, as well as making sure you’ll hit said debuffs. Since its Superimpose items (Lil’ Twisty Bubble Gum) are obtained for free through the event, it’s expected that you always have it at Superimpose Level 5

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It has average stats for a 4-star Cone too and a strong general-use passive, meaning that many will love to wear it. But of course, some can do it in a better way than others.

Best Characters for Before The Tutorial Misson Starts

All Nihility characters would love to have this cone, but there are a few of them who can arguably take more advantage of its passive.

1 – Silver Wolf

Screenshot by Prima Games

She’s literally the poster girl for this Cone, which is obtained in her own Companion Mission. It would make zero sense not to use it on her! She has access to Defense decrease debuffs, so all passives are accounted for. When compared to her S1 signature Light Cone Incessant Rain, the 5-star Cone is superior not only in raw stats but also in personal damage for Silver Wolf. Tutorial Mission does provide more utility with extra energy and Effect Hit Rate, though, so it’s a close second.

2 – Pela

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Belebog secretarial officer is the best holder for Tutorial Mission if you don’t own Silver Wolf or are using her 5-star Cone. Her Ultimate decreases the defense of its targets, and her Talent is very similar to the energy-restoring passive from the Cone. In other words, Pela gets to spam her Ultimate as much as she wants with little to no consequences.

Honorable Mentions

There are currently only two more Nihility characters in the game: Welt and Sampo. Neither of them can naturally decrease their target’s defenses and are focused on different debuffs. They can definitely use Tutorial Mission if you have nothing else for them, but consider prioritizing SW and Pela as the holders. The girls can do a lot more with it, trust me. They can do well with other free Light Cones like Fermata, especially if they’re Superimposed.

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