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Best Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Bryan Dawson

With the release of any fighting game, people are bound to wonder who the best characters are. While that’s a very difficult question to answer, especially at the launch of a game, we’re going to take a look at how the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are currently shaping out. We’ll also continue to update this article as the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ change as new characters are added to the game, new strategies are found, and the meta changes.

Best Characters

Before we get into the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, it should be clearly stated that this is not a definitive list. Things will change over time as new strategies are found and new characters are released. With the game being so new, it’s also difficult to come up with a list of characters that is 100 percent accurate. As with any fighting game, the more the game is played at high levels, the more things change. With all that said, let’s take a quick look at the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Adult Gohan

Many people consider Adult Gohan to be the best character in the game. Once he reaches level seven of his Release Power super move, he practically is the best character in the game. Even without level seven, he still has a fast fall, great normals with long reach, and a built-in overhead cross-up using the Ultimate Back Attack. A base Adult Gohan without Release Power is a decent character. Get him to level one and he becomes a great character. At level seven, he is absolutely one of the best.


Cell basically has everything you could want in a good character. His normal attacks have long reach and are easy to combo from, his has a teleport for great cross-up mix-ups, corner loops that go on for days, and a full screen command grab that he can also combo off of. While learning some of his more intricate combos can be challenging, overall he’s a decent character for beginners as well.


Frieza and Cell are very similar in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Both have amazing normal attacks, and a teleport, but while Cell has full screen command grabs, Frieza has some of the best projectile attacks in the game. It’s very difficult to get through a Frieza player that knows how to properly zone with the character.

Goku Black

While there are several characters that have teleports in Dragon Ball FighterZ (not counting the universal Vanish attack), Goku Black has one of the best teleports with his Instant Transmission. He can end block strings with it to mix-up opponents and even cross them up if he wants to use meter, plus he has great normal attacks with some of the best hit boxes in the game, versatile super moves, a full screen command grab that can lead into a combo and more!

Kid Buu

Arguably the most annoying character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Kid Buu has a lot going for him. His normals have some of the longest reach in the game, his super moves combo well and inflict significant damage, he has great overhead/low mix-ups and he’s just a general pain to fight against due to his insane amounts of pressure. If that weren’t enough, he has one of the best assists in the game as well!

Android 16

Alone Android 16 can only do so much. However, pair him with a great assist or two and he suddenly becomes seemingly unstoppable. He can cancel block strings into a command grab that leads to a combo, he has armor attacks to blast through block pressure and interrupt opponents, and he’s one of the easiest characters to extend combos with thanks to his Flying Slide Powerbomb and Dynamite Driver throws.

SSJ Goku

Some will argue that SSB Goku is the superior of the two, and in many cases they would be correct. The reason we have SSJ Goku here is because he’s much easier to use than SSB Goku. Once you’ve had some time with the game and understand all of the intricacies of the system mechanics, then you can move on to SSB Goku (or just use both), but if you’re just starting out, SSJ Goku is amazing. He has a safe overhead with the Dragon Flash Fist, which can be used to end combos with a mix-up. If it hits, you can cancel right into a super. He’s also one of the few characters who can link two super moves in a single combo thanks to the Instant Transmission Kamehameha.

You can check out what we think of all the characters in our tier list coverage found in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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