Best Builds for AiMi in Omega Strikers

How to deck out AiMi in Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers

One of the two creators of Team Byte Breakers, and clearly the most invested of the trio is AiMi. This AI companion became sentient with the power of Omega and went rogue, trying to prove to the world that she was a legitimate human being like everyone else. This catty Striker has plenty of flexibility for Goalie and Forward options, and she can work both aggressively and defensively.

Some of her fans might be wondering what the best equipment could be to put on Aimi to make the most out of her kit. In this guide, we’ll take a look at AiMi’s kit in detail and offer you some of the best gear you can equip on her as a Goalie or as a Forward.

What’s the Best Build for AiMi in Omega Strikers?

AiMi offers some of the best roundabout skills for both Forward and Goalie. The best way to play her is as a midfielder who can catch some players by surprise with her Secondary ability as it’s a teleport. Her Primary ability can also work well as an offensive tool, and a way to keep everyone away from the core, or to give them a gentle shove off the field.


Don’t forget that AiMi’s Teleport also hits pretty hard! Some of her best moments come from taking advantage of enemies as they are off position and near any ledge. AiMi’s App and Atlas’ Lab both are great stages for AiMi to catch players on the upper and lower sides of the field as well as near hazardous environments such as the pit on the center of AiMi’s App.

Best Starting Goalie and Forward Gear

AiMi doesn’t require much in terms of mobility thanks to her incredible teleport that refreshes quite frequently. Her kit as Forward offers some of the best flexibility in this regard and as such, you can focus on building her offensive capabilities through Pummelers or Siphoning Wand. Siphoning Wand would be the best choice for her as the added bonus damage and regen are more appreciated than the higher knockback which only matters when the enemies are Broken.

As a Goalie, AiMi’s only real choice is Eject Button as it offers an instant teleport back to her goal to complement her teleporting Secondary ability. Every other Goalie gear doesn’t offer nearly the same amount of utility that Eject Button does, and unfortunately, Strike Shot doesn’t offer much in terms of benefits to her only Projectile.

Best Awakenings for AiMi

AiMi users can read below to discover the best version of her, which allows players to perform at their highest possible potential. With the most efficient vision in mind, here are some of the best Awakenings that AiMi can get, with some of the best priority picks for her.

PriorityAerials, Super Surge, Monumentalist, Twin Drive, Chronoboost, Timeless Creator, Missile Propulsion, Heavy Impact (As Forward), Prime Time (As Goalie)
OptionalBuilt Different, SPARK (Resilience, Focus, Strength, Agility), Big Fish, Egoist, Specialized Training, Extra Special, Tempo Swing (As Forward), Deadeye, Perfect Form
Low PriorityStagger Buffs, Hotshot, Cast to Last, Big Fish, Rapid Fire, Quick Strike, Stacks on Stacks

Most of the choices made in the Priority list are taken putting AiMi’s teleport into consideration. Her teleport hits hard and since it’s considered an Impact and Blink, it can be boosted by the majority of the Awakenings that boost this kind of attacks. Additionally, Aerials, Chronoboost, and Super Surge can also offer her some extra range for her teleports.

Unlike other strikers, AiMi also heavily benefits from going all-in on a SPARK build. While the same could be argued about a Stagger build, the benefits are much more noticeable on the SPARK build since it boosts her already short cooldowns and flexible power. As such, it’s a good tool to take into consideration.

It’s important to remember that AiMi lends herself to her team. As such, it’s important to take the composition into account while playing the character as your playstyle might differ when going in. Omega Strikers is available on PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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