Best AK15 Loadout in BattleBit Remastered

Long-range, short-range, it does it all

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The AK15 is the first Assault Rifle you unlock in BattleBit Remastered, and it adds a new aspect to your arsenal. The AK15 can be a surprisingly competent long-range weapon with the option to switch to full auto when the situation calls for it. Constantly adjusting to a new range of engagement and maximizing the benefits of your weapon is key to using the AK15 in BattleBit Remastered.

Best AK15 Attachments in BattleBit Remastered

Screenshot by Prima Games

Main Sight: ACOG

Top Sight: Red Dot Top

Side Rail: None

Underbarrel: S E-5 Grip

Magazine: Quick A

Barrel: Tactical

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To make the most of the AK15’s slightly higher damage stat, you’ll want to be using it to engage targets that would be hard to hit for anything weaker than a DMR. Getting in close will lead you to the SMG mulcher, so keeping your distance is best. For that, I suggest the ACOG sight, but you can probably take any of the magnified optics, just choose one with a reticle that works well for you.

However, the AK15 can still hold its own in Full Auto close-range engagements. Make sure you switch to your Red Dot any time a target is within 50m and get familiar with the Rate Of Fire key bind. I’d also recommend switching the Next Optic key bind to something that isn’t the scroll wheel, as a binary input is easier to use when rapidly switching between optics.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Underbarrel and Barrel attachments both serve to bring down the recoil of the weapon and help keep it on target. This is especially important when taking long-range shots, as the faster you can follow up with additional rounds downrange, the faster you can drop targets. If the vertical recoil is too much for you to control you can switch the Vertical Grip instead. If you’d prefer a sneakier weapon, swap the barrel for a suppressor, just be aware of the recoil increase.

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