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Battlefield V PS4 Controller Settings Guide

These are the defaults, but there are multiple tweaking options in the game

by Lucas White

With 2042 not doing so hot, it seems like Battlefield V is still the game everyone is playing. Weird how that stuff works out. Presumably because of that, we’re seeing a notable interest in having a control guide reference. Especially for the Sony ecosystem, for one reason or another. Not my job to know! So, here’s a Battlefield V PS4 controller settings guide, each “category” of sorts with its own table.


LookRight Stick
AimL2 (hold)
Switch WeaponTriangle
Gadget 1D-Pad left
Gadget 2D-Pad right
Spot (Multiplayer only)R1
Commo Rose (Multiplayer only)R1 (hold)
View Map (Multiplayer only)Touchpad
Game menuOPTIONS button
Scoreboard (Multiplayer only)OPTIONS button (hold)

On Foot:

MoveLeft Stick
Jump/Vault/Open parachuteCross
Pick upSquare (hold)
ProneCircle (hold)
Binoculars (Single Player only)R1
Peek Over/Lean (behind cover)L2 (hold)
ToolboxD-Pad Down
BandagesD-Pad Up
Gadget 1D-Pad Left
Gadget 2D-Pad Right
Fire ModeTriangle (hold)
Throw Distraction (Single Player only)D-Pad Up
Reinforcements (Squad Leader only)L1 + R1 (hold)

In Vehicle:

SteerLeft Stick
Switch SeatCross
ExitSquare (hold)
Switch weaponTriangle
Switch cameraR3
Brake/ReverseLeft Stick back
AccelerateLeft Stick forward
Zoom (Single Player only)L2
Equipment 3D-Pad Down
Self-RepairL1 (hold)
Hitch/Unhitch towableCircle

In Plane:

YawLeft Stick left/right
Throttle Up/DownLeft Stick forward/back
PitchRight Stick forward/back
Roll (Multiplayer)/Turn (Single Player)Right Stick left/right
Switch SeatCross
ExitSquare (hold)
Self-RepairL1 (hold)


View Control SchemeL1 + R1 + Touchpad

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