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Battlefield 5 – All Letters in Under No Flag

by Josh Hawkins

Across the different War Stories that Battlefield 5 has to offer, players can find several collectible letters which are hidden around the map. One of these maps with letters is Under No Flag in Battlefield 5. Collecting all of the Letters in the War Stories will reward you with three special melee weapons that you can make use of in Battlefield 5’s multiplayer. Today we’ll show you how to find and locate the Letters in the first War Story, Under No Flag.

Crossing Lines

The first chapter of Under No Flag contains three letters for players to find and collect. We’ve outlined their locations below.

Letter #1 – Life Goes On

The first letter in Under No Flag can be found just after the start of the first chapter. While following Mason at the start, head up the hill and then enter the fishing hut on the right-hand side of the path, before you get too far into the level. A notification that you’ve entered a collectible area should pop up. Head inside and grab the letter off the table.

Letter #2 – I Want to Go home

The next Letter in Under No Flag can be found after you face off against the first group of enemies in Under No Flag. After sliding down the hill and dealing with the enemies in the plane graveyard, head through the wreckage and up the plateau in the center of the play area. When you’re in the correct area you should be notified that you’ve entered a collectible area. Look for this letter on the ground, hidden in a bunch of grass. Look for the prompt floating above it to spot it easily.

Letter #3 – You Should Hear the Noise

Finding the next Letter in this War Story will take a little bit of exploring. From the plane graveyard—where you fight the first guys—stick to the right-hand side of the map. There’s a vehicle and a checkpoint along the road that runs to the right here. Make your way to the checkpoint—deal with the guys there—then find the small path that leads down behind where the vehicle is parked.

Follow the path down to a riverbank. You’ll be notified that you’re in the collectible area. When you get the notification, turn to the left and look in the bushes until you spot the dot above the collectible. Pick it up and then finish the mission off.

Butcher and Bolt

After you complete Crossing Lines, you’re going to find yourself in a massive open area with a total of 6 hidden letters. Here’s what you need to do to find them all.

Letter #1 –Report Immediately to Berlin

The first Letter in this part of Under No Flag can be found just after the start. Head down the hill to find an abandoned building with two soldiers posted up. Distract them, take them out, and then search for this collectible letter inside the building on the left-hand side, next to the vehicle. Look out for the collectible notification to know you are in the right area.

Letter #2 – Any Old Sheets

To find the next Letter, make your way towards the Radar Station. Once you arrive, look out for a cairn—a small pile of rocks—down the road from the Radar Station. The Letter can be grabbed off the ground, right beside the cairn.

Letter #3 – Our Great Nation

From the Radar Station, make your way over to the Comms Station. This is another of your primary objectives. To find this Letter, follow the road along until you cross over a bridge and the words ‘Infiltrate Enemy Comms Bunker’ appear on your screen. The cairn marking the location of this letter will be right along the road to the right, just after you pass the checkpoint with the guards. Make sure you take care of the guards before trying to grab it.

Letter #4 – We Are Safe

After finishing up at the Comms Station, leave the area via the road and make your way towards the airfield. Along the way, look out for a cairn set up to the right of the road in one of the curves. You should be able to spot it next to some trees. Look for the Letter itself on the ground next to one of the trees behind the cairn.

Letter #5 – My Contribution

Continuing towards the airfield—moving counter clockwise around the map—you’re going to want to look out for the next Cairn on a small island near the water in the area. Once you spot the cairn, you’re going to want to hop out of your vehicle and look out for this letter next to a tree, resting along the ground. It can be tricky to see, so make sure you look around closely.

Letter #6 – To be Reunited

The next Letter on the list can be found after you reach the airfield. Look out for the tower along the left-hand side of the runway, near the end of it. Once here, look for the notification of the collectible area and then search for this particular letter in the dirt just a small distance away from the stairs.

With all the Letters in Under No Flag collected, make sure you head back over to our Battlefield 5 guides for more help with the game, and be sure to check back for more help with collectibles in the coming days.


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