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Battlefield 4 Team Death Match Tips

by Prima Games Staff

We will admit, one of our biggest concerns making the transition from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4 was adjusting to the changes in gun play. If this is a concern for you as well — or perhaps you’re simply new to the franchise — jump straight into some Team Deathmatch. This is one place where your Kill Death Ratio (KDR) should be your primary focus. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips to help you improve.

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Choosing Your Load Out

Put the N00b tube away, N00b. Although Grenade Launchers (GLs) and Light Machine Guns (LMGs) are very frustrating to be on the receiving end of, they aren’t terribly effective in infantry combat. Yes, they do have their place, but most players tend to depend on these weapons rather than use them at opportunistic times. When you’re a new player, or suffer from a KDR of less than 1:1, it’s best you learn to walk before you run. Lucky for you, the Assault Class offers the First Aid Pack as a default unlock. The second unlock in the class is the Defibrillator. Trust us, you will get far more points healing and reviving members of your team than you will from blindly firing your GL across the map.

You’re going to want to stick to the Assault Rifles when you’re just starting out with Team Deathmatch. They are the most powerful weapons in the game. By default, you’re given the AK-12, which is a middle of the pack gun. Your goal here should be to hit an Assault Rifle Score of 11,000, at which point you’ll unlock the early favorite for best gun in Battlefield 4, the M416. No matter which weapon you choose, some good ideas for attachments include either the Kobra or Coyote RDS sights and the Angled Grip. This combo will help you be competitive in the gun battles.

In terms of the rest of your load out, this is really about personal preference. If you’re new, you’ll likely get stuck with the P226 Pistol to begin with. As for your melee weapon, it doesn’t impact your performance, so choose whatever option you want. Although the M67 Frag will be your default grenade, you might also want to try the M34 Incendiary or M84 Flashbang. You won’t get the same amount of kills, but they are very annoying to your opponents.

Lastly, your Field Upgrades will be restricted until you unlock them. You should start off with Defensive and Shadow as your two options. If you have it, try the Offensive option which will give you 10 percent faster sprint at level one, and 50 percent more ammunition at level two. There really isn’t a best option here. If you like to move and shoot, Offensive might be for you. If you like to go with the flow and focus on your team’s health, go with the Combat Medic option.

Choose Your First Server Wisely 

We all have our favorite maps. For us, Operation Locker on Team Deathmatch is definitely at the top of the list. Because of this, we like to start on this map and get our play session kicked off properly. If you have a good first game, you’re likely going to build on that performance and have a good session. Of course, Operation Locker might not be your favorite, so pick a map that you enjoy and tend to do well on.

You might jump into a game where a superior opponent is demolishing your team. If that’s the case, finish out the game and then find a new server. Try to avoid quitting a match in progress if at all possible; it ruins the game for everyone. However, if you stay in a server where you’re constantly losing, your play session will go downhill in a big hurry. There’s nothing wrong with finding a competitive game that everyone is enjoying.

Winning In-Game Tactics

Stick to the perimeter of the map and work your way around either clockwise or counter clockwise. Do not run into the middle of the map. There’s a good chance you’ll get a kill in the middle, but there’s an even better chance you’ll die. Again, stick to the perimeter. When you stick to the outside of the map, you tend to come up behind people for melee kills, or have excellent lines of sight to take down the people who didn’t take our advice.

Along with our last piece of advice, this tip is universal. You can use it in any Team Deathmatch in any game. Watch your reloads. Enemies tend to come in groups rather than as individuals. If you take the first opposing player down and immediately reload, there’s a solid chance his buddy will engage you while you’re unprepared. When you take the first player down, assess the situation. If you have more than half your magazine left, wait and make sure you’re safe. If you absolutely must reload, be sure to get to cover first. If you have a grenade handy, now is a good time to use it and buy yourself a couple seconds.

You now have a solid plan to build upon and help you improve your Kill Death Ratio while playing Team Deathmatch. For more in-depth information from professional gamers, be sure to check out the Prima Games Battlefield 4 Official Game Guide.

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