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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth – Sunken Dragon Map Tips, Levolution, Loadouts

by Prima Games Staff

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Sunken Dragon might be the most popular map in Battlefield 4 at the moment, and the control room for the dam is likely the most popular spot. In fact, you can find so many people hanging out here that some have opined that the fight to activate the damn could be its own game mode. They’re kidding, of course, but it gives you an idea of how crazy this area can be.

Today, we wanted to take a slightly different approach to breaking down this map. Rather than focus on one game mode, we decided to talk about some of the notable events, popular locations and even suggested loadouts for the terrain. This way, no matter what mode you jump into, you should have a decent grasp on what to expect. Once you’re done, why not check out a similar breakdown of Propaganda?

Note: Even though we’re not going to focus on a particular game mode, we need to use a map that will help you follow along. The one above is of Conquest Large from the U.S. side, but it will allow us to use its objectives as points of reference.

Area of Interest – The Sunken Dragon Restaurant

One of the most popular areas on the map is the Sunken Dragon restaurant itself. On Conquest Large, it holds the B objective, and is made up of several entrance points, hallways and levels that result in very satisfying infantry combat. It’s also a favorite place for the AH-6J Little Bird and Z-11W to hang out and look for kills, especially when people wander out onto balconies.

If you plan to control this point of the map, make sure you move up and off the ground floor. This will give you the tactical advantage on your opponents, and it’s also a great place for the Radio Beacon if you’re planning to stay awhile. The height advantage will also help you stay clear of the flooding the ground floor suffers from when the Levolution is activated. Just be careful when you step outside, this is not only a popular location for helicopters, but long-range snipers love to target it as well.

Area of Interest – Activating the Levolution Event

The Levolution event on Sunken Dragon is activated just to the right of the C objective if you’re looking at our map. It’s in a large building that can be accessed by going up two flights of stairs. You can also get into this area from the other side of the dam and close to the A objective. There is a ladder that can be used if the direct approach isn’t an option. Exercise high caution in this area until everyone has finished the Big Splash assignment; expect it to be crawling with bad guys.

Once you’re in the control room, the option to activate the Levolution may or may not be available. This depends on whether it’s already been done, in which case you need to wait longer, as well as what game mode you’re playing. For example, you can’t activate the Levolution on Team Deathmatch, but you can on Conquest Large. Once you’re done here, consider dropping a Claymore in the doorway. This area is so popular it’s almost a guaranteed kill.

Area of Interest – The Parking Garage

When playing on Conquest Large, the Parking Garage houses the D objective, which is placed on top of the roof. This makes it another popular place for the AH-6J Little Bird and Z-11W. The structure itself is four stories high and features several ways that players can gain access to the roof. If you want to control this location, M2 Slams can be a great way to limit vehicle access, while Claymores are a good option to keep people from using the stairwells.

Not only is this location popular, it’s also strategically valuable. From the top floor, players are able to see and engage all three of our areas of interest. Looking to the northeast, there is the Levolution event and dam control room. If you look out to the southeast, there is the Sunken Dragon restaurant, and lastly, there is the Parking Garage itself. Given that you can see everything from here, expect a lot of snipers to be in this area. As great as that is for people hunting Dog Tags, be mindful of the Claymores laying about and C4 raining down from above.

Suggested Loadout – The Engineer

There aren’t any bad options when it comes to choosing a class on Sunken Dragon. Because the Dragon’s Teeth maps are so heavy on infantry combat, there’s literally something for everyone. We love the Engineer class for a few reasons. First of all, it gives you many solid options when choosing a primary weapon, such as the Carbines for out in the open, and the SMG family if you plan to chill out in the Sunken Dragon restaurant.

The other major benefit of the Engineer class is that it not only allows you to engage vehicles with an arsenal of shoulder fired rockets, it also carries the M2 Slams and M15 AT Mines. Given that vehicles are largely corralled into the narrow streets, this is a perfect opportunity to lay some traps for them. It won’t take you long to catch someone being careless.

Suggested Loadout – The Assaulter

We sort of took the easy way out here. The Assault class is good in almost any situation, and especially so on Dragon’s Teeth, since there are normally less vehicles roaming around. That means lots of wounded teammates or people that need to be revived. In that way, make sure you bring the Medic Bag and Defibrillator with you. Don’t even think about one of the under-slung launchers. They are nowhere near as valuable to you or your team.

In terms of weapon choices, you do have your pick of Assault Rifles, Carbines, Shotguns and DMRs. Unless you are in love with the Shotguns and DMRs, this is a no brainer. The Assault Rifles are the most powerful primary weapons in the game, and with the infantry heavy combat, they are your best option. Not to mention, most people on the other team will use this class, so taking anything else will be somewhat like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Although, skill will always trump better gear… better gear is just the icing on the cake when you already have the skill.

Of course, suggested loadouts are just that, suggestions. If you have a class or weapon that fits your play style perfectly, that’s what you should choose. If you’re the multi-tool of Battlefield, however, the above ideas are a fairly accurate representation of what you need to prepare for.

Just like the maps from our Propaganda article, our good buddy, DatRageGuy, was kind enough to snap these in-game screenshots for this article. Feel free to hit him up on Twitter.

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