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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth – Propaganda Map Tips and Levolution, Loadouts

by Prima Games Staff

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If you haven’t had a chance to try the Dragon’s Teeth DLC released to Premium members of Battlefield 4, you might want to get on that. Simply put, it provides an incredible infantry friendly environment, and the new maps are all potential standouts. Just like we focused on Sunken Dragon in a previous article, this time we’re going to tackle Propaganda.

This isn’t your typical map strategy, though. This is more like a map discussion, with a few bullet points that should serve you well in any situation or game mode. Rather than focus on flank routes and how to plant M-COMS, we’re going to show you some of the landmarks and even suggest a few loadout options to get you geared up.

Note: Since it’s in your best interest to understand what we’re talking about, the above image is of the Conquest Large game mode. We’re not going to focus on that game type, but you can follow along as we use its objectives as points of reference.

Area of Interest – Train and Levolution(ish) Event

The first area we want to talk about are the train tracks, the train that rolls through there and the two objectives. On the Conquest Large map, this would be objectives B and D, as well as the tracks to the east. As far as prioritizing map areas go, this is the forgotten stepchild.

There really isn’t a Levolution event on this map, but the train speeds by every now and then, and if you get caught in its path, your best hope is to be a part of someone’s montage. It will obliterate anything it hits, including tanks. Note there is an underpass in the middle if you’re looking for a quieter approach to the objectives.

The objectives sit among several two-story destructible buildings. Almost any of them are great locations to snipe from, given that the terrain isn’t at all cluttered. If you’re a Recon junkie, be sure to drop a Claymore on one of the stairwells, but keep in mind there is typically more than one point of entry. Make sure to relocate often to avoid losing your Dog Tags. If you decide to play more of a run-and-gun role, focusing on just these two objectives is a great way to contribute as a squad.

Area of Interest – Courtyard and East Alley

Looking at the Conquest Large map, the Courtyard and alley to the east are near the C objective. Because they fall between both the Chinese and US spawns, it’s always a hotly contested area. You should expect to find the bulk of the fighting here, with the surrounding buildings playing host to the fringe players who like to engage from a distance. You really don’t see a lot of vehicles in this area, and that’s likely part of the reason it’s so popular. Be very careful if you are trying to move through the Courtyard, since it’s susceptible to fire from almost any direction. If there is an objective here that you need to take, consider bringing an M18 Smoke grenade to give you a bit of cover.

The alley on the far east side of the map, directly to the right of the C objective, is a wonderful way to flank your opponents, especially on Conquest or Chain Link. Be mindful, however, that some people are wise to this move and either camp or litter it with Claymores to trip you up. In fact, it might be smart for you to drop a Claymore here if you’re hoping to prevent enemy movement through the area. Claymores are also beneficial (as are T-UGS) if you want to hang out in the buildings and pick people off as they run out in the open.

Area of Interest – Monument

There are several monuments on this map, but the one we’re talking about plays host to the A objective on our Conquest Large map above. This area is very close to one of the spawns, so it’s generally under control and not contested as much as our first two areas of interest.

What makes this part of Propaganda stand out, however, is that it’s very vehicle friendly, so if you decide to roll in a Main Battle Tank, consider this one of your stops along your path to PTFO. In fact, there really aren’t any buildings for Engineers to hide in, so even if you are engaged, you stand a solid chance of flushing out your foe. Lastly, given the infantry heavy combat on Dragon’s Teeth in general, a good crew in a Main Battle Tank should be able to dominate the field. For extra success, adopt our rule of “Not an Engineer? Get out of our tank!”

Suggested Loadout – The Support Soldier

Since our Sunken Dragon article featured the Engineer and Assault classes, we thought we would go for the Support class in this one. First of all, variety is the spice of life, and you never have a hard time finding players using Assault and Engineer. Second, Support is a great option for this map for a variety of reasons.

A great primary weapon to go with here is the Carbines if you aren’t a fan of Light Machine Guns, or you can whip out the Bipod, slap the LMG down and work this map’s open areas with a steady stream of fire. Think about hanging out in the buildings around the Courtyard, or even over by the train. There are lots of options to go for.

Additionally, the Support class will allow you to take a Claymore, then lay it in a high traffic area, or even at a doorway that covers your back. This will allow you to fire at your targets without fear of having your Dog Tags taken. Even if your Claymore goes off, your Ammo Box should provide you with another one in a short amount of time. If you’re the more active type of Support player, bring the C4 and level the buildings that people are camping in, or sneak up and destroy a Main Battle Tank when it’s not looking.

Suggested Loadout – The Recon Solider

Propaganda doesn’t have massively long shooting lanes if you’re a Recon player, but they aren’t exactly small, either. Bolt action Sniper Rifles are a really good option, but consider one of the medium range scopes and perhaps the Canted Ironsights for when things get up close and personal. Given that you won’t be hundreds of meters from your target, drop the Range Finder and Bipod for the Straight Pull, allowing you stay aimed down sight between shots.

As for accessories, active Recon players will want to go with C4, but if you plan to hang out in some of the buildings, definitely grab a Claymore, as well as either the T-UGS or Radio Beacon. In fact, the T-UGS could be in place of the Claymore since it will alert you to incoming bad guys. The Radio Beacon is a must for squads that play together, and will even remain in place after you die, so long as an enemy solider doesn’t destroy it.

There you have it, a few ideas and concepts that should help you with Propaganda, regardless of the game mode you choose or play style you prefer. If there is anything you think we missed, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. See you on the battlefield.

A huge shout out to DatRageGuy, who was kind enough to provide all of the images you see in this article. Give him a follow on Twitter, if that’s your thing.

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