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Battlefield 1 – Tips and Tricks for New Players

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 1 is quite a bit different experience than previous Battlefield games. This is in part thanks to the new time era that the game has been set within. Taking place during World War 1, the game features many older weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. If you want to survive in the war torn lands of Battlefield 1, you’re going to need to know what you’re doing, and how to make it out alive. In this article we’ll be covering some of the most vital tips and tricks for Battlefield 1 that we’ve found during our playtime, to help you stay alive and kicking on the battlefield.

Tips for New Battlefield 1 Players

Before we dive in, we just want to point out that the tips we’ve listed before are geared more towards new players. However, due to the competitive nature of FPS games like Battlefield 1, these tips can be used by anyone (new or experience players) to up their game and make them stronger in combat.

Enable the Kill Log

This might sound like a silly tip, but it’s actually a vitally important part of the game. By default, the Kill Log, which keeps track of each and every death in the match, is disabled in Battlefield 1. Enabling it can allow you to see how your teammates are dying, who is killing them, and even allow you to gauge how many vehicles there are out on the field. It’s an important information system that is strategic to playing competitively on such large maps, and you should enable it from the Options menu to allow yourself a greater amount of information flowing in.

To enable the Kill Log, navigate to the More button on the Main Menu. Then open up Options, tab over to Gameplay, and scroll down until you see the Kill Log toggle. Toggle it to On to activate it.

Flank Your Enemies

One of the biggest mistakes we see players making is rushing in. While rushing can be a very important and strategic option, you’ll always want to make sure you’re doing it in a smart and intelligent way. Simply running towards an objective with several enemies facing you is a sure fire way to get yourself killed, causing your team to lose a ticket. Instead, look around for the best flank routes, and then rush your way around behind your enemy. This allows you to still get there fairly quickly, while also allowing you to sneak up on your enemies and take them out before they suspect a thing. Flank routes are all over, so keep an eye out, and always use them to your advantage.

Join a Squad and Communicate

We’ve all been there. You’re knee deep in battle, with enemies flanking all around you, and your teammates are dropping like flies. Nobody is talking to each other, and all around the whole world is spinning out of control as you try to fight off enemies from four different angles. This isn’t a great spot to be in, and you’ll want to try to avoid this happening at all times. Instead of screaming at your teammates, or calling them names, simply communicate what’s happening via text or voice chat in the game. Create or join a squad, and then try to get people in there who will help you out and talk to you. Teamwork is an important aspect of the Battlefield series, so try to find support where you can.

Take Out the Armored Train

During matches where one team is losing by a fairly considerable amount, an Armored Train will be deployed to help lighten the loss. This is the developer’s way of giving the losing team another chance to push out and capture objectives, allowing them to regain a foothold in the battle. When this train comes out, it will be armed with 6 heavy turrets that can decimate the opposing army if allowed to stand. We suggest mining the tracks, or using dynamite to booby trap the train tracks, as this will allow you to take the train out easily, and clear it from the board. Otherwise you risk losing all your hard work to the enemy forces that will undoubtedly use that train to their advantage.

Those are just a few tips we wanted to outline for players new to the series and the latest installment. Players who picked up the Early Enlister edition of the game can jump in right now, on both PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Regular preorders and purchases will unlock on October 21. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to more easily make your way through the game, and stay alive in longer spurts during battle.

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