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Battlefield 1: How the Medal System Works

by Prima Games Staff

There are a lot of ways to level up your classes and account in Battlefield 1, and the new medal system is just one of those ways. We’ll tell you how the medal system works in Battlefield 1 so you can complete medals and earn lots of experience in EA’s World War 1 shooter.

How the Medal System in Battlefield 1 Works

The new medal system works off a weekly rotation. Each week, players have five different medals to try to earn and unlock. Completing all the objectives for each medal will reward players with a hefty chunk of experience, around 5,000XP each. Some of these medals are easy to complete, like the Star of Dominion. Others will take more time and effort to finish. Either way you play it, though, learning how to use these medals to your advantage is a key proponent to leveling your account and classes up quicker.

How to Complete Medals in Battlefield 1

Completing medals in Battlefield 1 is actually quite simple, on the surface. While some of the objectives are a bit harder to achieve than others, the basic rules that apply are always the same. Medals are broken up into various tiers ranging from three or five tiers (this is the most we have seen as of this moment). To complete a medal, you must complete each tier of the medal’s objectives. For example, the Order of Hippocrates medal, which we happen to have this week, tasks you with completing objectives that are tied to the Medic class. If you’re having trouble completing this medal, check out our tips for using the Medic class in Battlefield 1. Other medals, like Legion of Glory, task you with completing various class-based objectives to earn the experience boost.

Medals can be completed up to 100 times. This means that you might see the same medal appear in your lineup multiple times over the course of the following months. So don’t write it off just because you already completed it. You can still complete it again, and earn that experience boost a second, third, fourth, or even hundredth time. This means the medal system will always be available to players as a great source of experience for their account and various classes. Knowing how to complete Puzzles in Battlefield 1 is also a great way to earn experience.

There are over 34 medals that can be unlocked and completed in Battlefield 1, and each one can be completed 100 times. This means there is an almost infinite amount of experience waiting for each and every player to capitalize on. Be sure to check your Tracked Medals from the pause menu when in game, or during the game’s loading screens. With this information, you should now have a solid understand of what medals are and how they work in Battlefield 1.

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