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Battlefield 1: Beginner Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 1 is a lot different than previous Battlefield games. In this article, we’re going to look at five tips that will help you stay alive longer during multiplayer matches, which will also help carry your team to victory

There are a lot of things that can be done to help make you a better player in Battlefield 1. One of the best ways is to familiarize yourself with each class in the game. Not sure where to start? Our guide to being a better Assault player in Battlefield 1 can help you learn how to take down tanks and other vehicles, while also manning the frontlines of battle.

Below are can’t miss tips to become better at Battlefield 1.

Use the Environment for Cover

A lot of Battlefield 1’s maps are open-ended and feature quite a bit of open ground. These open areas are well-known kill areas, and more often than not you’ll find several enemy Scouts watching these areas from higher ground. Avoid these areas as if they were No Man’s Land, and instead stick to the rocks and brush around the map. Using the environment as cover is a great way to extend your life on the battlefield, and will even help you unlock all of the Codex Entries in Battlefield 1. If you’re having trouble staying alive for long periods of time, take it slow, stay in cover and watch for enemy icons to appear on your mini-map.

Pay Attention

This tip might seem self-explanatory, but a lot of players don’t take advantage of the information around them. Paying attention to your surroundings is the best way to help ensure that you stay up and moving towards new objectives as often as possible. This is also a key tip for those looking to use the Scout class more effectively in Battlefield 1. Always watch your mini-map, and try to be aware of what is behind, in front and around you at all times. Your peripheral vision is your best friend.

Don’t Shoot Everyone

We know, you’re already looking at this tip and thinking ‘What are they on about?’ We understand exactly where you’re coming from. For many players, first person shooters like Battlefield 1 aren’t viewed as games that take advantage of strategy in combat. Sadly, those people are wrong. Featuring wide-open maps, powerful World War 1 weapons and large-scale combat, Battlefield 1 is the perfect breeding ground for strategy and tactics. Because of this, don’t shoot every enemy you see. Give them a moment, watch where they are going and what they are doing. Always make sure they aren’t being followed by other enemy soldiers before making your move. Otherwise, your attempt to take an enemy down might lead to your death.

Use the Behemoth

They’re overpowered, annoying and can sometimes feel game breaking, but they aren’t. DICE designed these massive vehicles to be extremely effective against the enemy, which is why it is such a big deal to make use of that additional fire support while you have it. Whenever there is a seat available in the Dreadnought, Armored Train or Zeppelin, reign bullets down upon your enemy. These vehicles are extremely effective at wiping out enemy forces, which can give you the upper hand in order to capture that one point you’re missing in an Operation. You can learn more about the Behemoths of Battlefield 1 by heading over to our complete guide.

Take Down the Behemoth

While using the Behemoth is extremely important for the team that has it, destroying one is just as important for the team getting torn to shreds by the massive zeppelin blocking out the sun. Don’t just sit around and ignore the virtual elephant in the room. Instead, grab a plane, an AA gun or anything that you can use to bring these massive war machines to their knees. Nothing feels good about getting pushed back by an oversized machine of death, so don’t let it happen. Bombers are extremely effective against the Armored Train and Dreadnought, while Attack Planes and AA guns can destroy the Blimp.

If you follow these tips, you’ll become a much better Battlefield player. Things take time, though, and patience is key to being successful in any shooter.

You can learn more about the latest installment of this explosive FPS series by heading over to our Battlefield 1 walkthrough and guide.

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