Battleborn Upgrades For Your Character

How to choose your Helix system upgrades and gear in Battleborn.

Yesterday we posted tips on how to get through the latest action-packed game from 2K Games and Gearbox Software, Battleborn. Now we’re going to discuss the game’s upgrade system, some of the decisions you can make in the Helix system, as well as new gear and goodies you’ll gain access to in the game.

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No decision is wrong per se, considering how each will help your character grow and become a better fighter. However, here are some tips that will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to upgrades.

Accessing Loadouts in Battleborn 

You can change your character’s loadouts once you reach Command Level 3 (which shouldn’t take too long). After reaching this point, you’ll be able to select what gear your character is carrying, though their main weapon will remain the same.

By changing gear, you gain access to different bonuses depending on what your character picks up. Some upgrades are available by playing in-game missions, while others can be acquired simply by purchasing them at the Marketplace (the last tab on your main menu). Be sure to take a look at what’s available, as each option includes different boosts to firepower, special abilities, and more. They differ quite a bit, and each one delivers its own unique effect in battle. Just remember that each loadout gives you only three slots to work with.

The more uncommon the available loot is, the higher the price it will be. However, if you’re just getting started in the shop, go ahead and pick up more of the Common packs before working your way up to the Uncommon ones. There are nine different loot packs in all, with the Uncommon Loot Pack being the top prize. Shop accordingly, but don’t be afraid to spend that dough!

As you level up, you’ll gain access to even more gear to add to your collection, which you can switch out in-between missions in the main menu under the “Gear” option (next to the “Battleborn” main character select tab). Check out your Gear Bank and see what’s available, and don’t be afraid to sell whatever you’re not currently using to buy something new.

Challenges and Titles in Battleborn

In addition to regular mission objectives available in Battleborn, you’ll also have access to various Challenges separated into different categories. These include Buildables, Characters, Enemies, Factions, Story, and Versus, all of which help you level up your character over the course of the game and gain access to more upgrades and gear. Take them on at your leisure, but don’t neglect your main missions in the process – general progress is always the best way to go!

You can also change your Title at any time depending on what you’ve unlocked. Although they have no effect on your character in battle, you can display them on your placard if you’re feeling confident. Captain Amazing is a great one, along with Ice Whole… which is somewhat suggestive.

Check out each Title to see what requirements are needed to unlock them, then head off into battle! Finally, also located in the Career tab is the ability to check your stats, including how high your scores stand in the game, and what other objectives you still need to complete. This is a great source of information if you feel like you’re missing something in the process of leveling up.

Helix System in Battleborn

We discussed the Helix system briefly in our tips feature, but we’ll touch more on it here. The Helix system allows you to apply upgrades to your character on the fly. These automatically become unlocked over the course of each mission, giving you an alternate choice across ten different levels. Each choice includes a detailed description, so you will always know the effects of each upgrade before you make a selection.

You can review your choices by going to the main character menu (after you’ve selected them) and going under Helix. While you can’t change your choice until you start over again, you can see what powers are available in case you want to use them to your advantage in battle.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though time slows down when you’re making your choices in the Helix system, it doesn’t stop entirely. So if enemies are currently on the offensive, you’re rendered defenseless until you make your selection. The best thing you can do is head to a clear area before checking out the available upgrades. This will give you more time to make the proper choice for your character and remain safe. It never hurts to go back in and see what each choice does for you, so don’t feel bad if you think you’ve made a hasty decision.

Remember that the Helix system is there to help you, and acts separately from what gear and upgrades offer you in battle. Be sure to try out all of the available options to see which ones work best for your play style.

That’s it! Have fun playing Battleborn and getting those upgrades, and don’t forget to assemble a good fireteam!

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