Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Beat Lorroakan in BG3

Sundered Sorcerer

Lorroakan Baldur's Gate 3
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When you reach the top of Sorcerous Sundries through one of the many portals, there is an odd sorcerer named Lorroakan waiting for you, and you may need to take him down in Baldur’s Gate 3. With all his summons he can be a tough battle, but I have a few tips that make the fight much easier.

How to Defeat Lorroakan in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best way to beat Lorroakan is to bring Nightsong with you before you start the battle. Once the fight begins, focusing on Lorroakan and the Air Myrmidon should be your main objectives before you move on to the other enemies. Both Lorroakan and the Air version of his enemies have some nasty spells, such as AOE silences.

Lorroakan BG3
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While focusing on your first two targets, you should also try to heal Nightsong as much as you can. She provides plenty of utility and will draw fire from the other Myrmidons. If she can grab the attention of the Myrmidons, you can even have a couple of your Baldur’s Gate 3 party members get up on the higher platforms for ranged attacks.

How to Beat Lorroakan in BG3:

  • Recruit Nightsong before the fight.
  • Focus Lorroakan and the Air Myrmidon first.
  • Heal Nightsong and use her as a distraction.
  • Use any AOE attacks or items you have on hand.

It’s also a good idea to have AOE attacks at the ready in this fight. Any kind of Sorcerer class or items such as elemental arrows are a fantastic way to chip at all the Myrmidons in the area. Otherwise, there aren’t too many moving pieces in the battle against Lorroakan.

How to Bring Nightsong to Fight Lorroakan in BG3

To bring Nightsong to the battle against Lorroakan, you need to speak to Lorroakan first and then inform Nightsong of his intentions back at your camp. When you meet the man for the first time in Sorcerous Sundries, he gives you a choice to turn over Dame Aylin, and you can leave. I chose to head back to my camp and inform Nightsong.

Nightsong BG3
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When she learns about Lorroakan, she will be ready for battle and will immediately head over to his tower. All you have to do is meet her there and she counts as a fifth ally during the battle. Trust me, you don’t want her to sit this one out in BG3.

Before you head into the fight though, read my guide on whether you should side with Nightsong or Lorroakan in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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